Man Steals from Restaurant- Then Gets Offered a Job There


People breaking into restaurants is nothing new- but people breaking in and then getting offered a job there? Now that is a story for the ages. This is exactly what happened when one man’s exemplary kindness would go far beyond the social norms of one who just experienced a break-in when he decided to reach out to the anonymous thief in a heartwarming display of profound empathy.


In addition to serving up grilled burgers and scrumptious sandwiches, the Diablo’s Southwest Grill also offers up helpings of much-needed compassion, as is the mission of owner Carl Wallace. Wallace, who is a noted figure in his community for possessing both a steel work ethic and an unwavering mission to help others, would have that motto tested firsthand when a suspected thief broke into his grill located in Augusta, Georgia. Caught on security cameras entering the premises early one Saturday morning, the still unidentified man can be observed throwing a brick to break the glass door before searching the cash register for money and upon finding it empty, taking off with it. 


For most people, the next probable step after finding their business broken into would be to get the cops involved. However Carl Wallace isn’t most people, so instead of taking the ordinary route of crime and punishment Wallace chose to illustrate an astounding profile of love by writing a Facebook post reaching out to the burglar. “To the would be robber who is clearly struggling with life decisions or having money issues,” Wallace wrote, “…please swing by for a job application. There are better opportunities out there than this path you’ve chosen.” (Good News Network)


While the mysterious early-morning-visitor has yet to respond to Wallace’s offer, his community and the internet sure have. In a real life illustration of the power pay it forward cycles can take on, the people of Augusta have flocked to Diablo’s to show their appreciation for Wallace’s generous actions. “I thought [the Facebook post] was probably one of the best things that I ever read. So as a result of what I read and the compassion… I wanted to support the business,” customer Cher Best explained to WRDW-TV. Others took to social media to praise Wallace, commending him for being a voice of kindness in a time of national ugly rhetoric being spewed.


In response to the outpouring of admiration from all corners of the country, Wallace chose to use his platform to continue to spread the word of love. Staying true to his core beliefs that “love, kindness, forgiveness, will always be a better solution than hate,” the restaurant owner continues to exemplify those very values for the whole world to see and hopefully, to follow.