7 Leaves Boba Tea

7 Leaves at Warren Parkway in Frisco, Texas is probably one of the best boba tea places in Frisco, however, it’s so underrated. 7 Leaves uses fresh ingredients, instead of powdered ingredients, for their milk teas, such as taro roots for their taro milk tea and mung beans for their mung bean milk teas. 

7 Leaves has a variety of drinks and toppings for anyone’s preference. They have coffee options for people needing a shot of energy for the day: Sea Cream Vietnamese Coffee, Mint Sereno, and House Coffee. They have popular milk teas that aren’t too sweet, like other boba tea places, such as their Mung Bean Milk Tea and Thai Tea Milk Tea. The drinks are affordable, which most drinks are around $4 to $5, with boba, however may cost more due to extra toppings. They even sell macaroons with unique flavors, however, it may be pricey, running about 2-3 dollars apiece. 

In my experience, the service was good, the people were helpful and friendly. The store was clean and the restrooms were always clean, almost spotless. They get your drink ready in usually under 5 minutes, a record for me since most of the time, making the drinks takes around 10 to 15 minutes. 

I actually order different types of drinks from there. My go-to is the Assam Black Milk tea with boba because I love milk teas, they usually have fresh boba, and the drink itself is sweet, but not too sweet. Another drink I’ve had was the Mung Bean Milk tea, where it wasn’t too sweet, but still had that mung bean flavor I love. Lastly, I had their Sea Cream Jasmine tea, which I thought was unique, because the cream was sweet and a little bit salty, however, it balanced well with the jasmine tea and boba, so it was a good boba. 

In conclusion, I feel like any boba lover or people that haven’t tried boba should go to 7 Leaves, because the employees help you and give recommendations, the boba is usually fresh and it’s soft and chewy, and the flavors are more balanced.