The Unspoken Cost of being a Female.


Every woman has to use them. There’s no exceptions. Every. Single. Woman. The FDA classifies them as Class II medical devices but we better know them as tampons or pads. Women have an unavoidable cost they have every month for devices that they are required to use. 

If a tampon is used for the correct 6-hour time period, that requires at least 4 tampons a day. That averages to 20 tampons for a normal 5-day menstrual cycle which is around 9,120 in one lifetime. A box of tampons varies from 25-40 tampons per box so that leaves you with a whopping total of $1,773.33 to spend on products you have no choice on buying. On average, women spend roughly $150 million a year on sales tax alone for these sanitary products. 

Yes, there are companies that are profiting from creating these products and selling them. It’s a product that will sell no matter what but that’s the exact reason why we shouldn’t have to pay for them. These sanitary products will always be bought and the industries know this. Women are the reason we have a population in the first place and we are charging them for being women. It’s wrong and nothing is going to change unless we say something.

There are women who do not have access to menstrual hygiene products solely due to their economic status. Why should we live in a world where some women have to decide whether to buy a box of pads or buy their next meal. There are organizations however that help strive to close that gap between that decision and cleanliness.

The Pad Project is an organization that aims to help move towards a world where menstruators achieve menstrual equity. “We are working to promote the health and wellbeing of menstruators by increasing access to affordable, hygienic menstrual products.”  Period. End of sentence, is a documentary by the Pad Project that was released on Netflix in 2019 which helped against the stigma around menstruation. This organization understands the costs of being a female and is doing everything they can to make a change. You can visit their website at  and help by donating to those who don’t have the means to take care of themselves because it costs.