23 year old fined $12m for police station fire

Dylan Robinson’s final verdict came to a close April 29th with a fine of 12 million dollars for conspiracy to commit arson during the riots in May of last year.

Dylan was recorded through live streams and police cameras lighting what appeared to be a Molotov, which was then thrown at the Minneapolis police department by another person setting it ablaze. “Mr. Robinson chose to depart from lawful protest and instead engaged in violence and destruction,” said acting US Attorney Anders Folk. Dylan has been sentenced to 4 years in prison now and will be paying back his 12 million dollar fine through a monthly payment plan.

Dylan’s lawyer claims in the case that Dylan was scapegoated and is being unjustly targeted. He finds that his actions are a minuscule part of what happened in the events and that he is being fined for what could have been thousands of people’s actions. During the riot in particular in May rioters were shouting “Burn it down, Burn it down” with multiple different people barging through fences and throwing inflammatory devices but many of which were not convicted due to them being unidentified. 

In the end, Dylan has not seen any farther than what the case is now and a judge has yet to set a payment plan for Dylan. But his lawyer is still fighting and trying to find live feeds and videos of other people at the riot destroying the precinct to try and lower Dylan’s fine. But not all hope is lost for Dylan as restitution can be thought of after 20 years of Dylan’s payments after release from prison.