Parents rank their 7 biggest concerns for their children


(source: district administration article)

A survey asking parents about students’ enthusiasm for school may reinforce district leaders’ plans to prioritize social-emotional learning post-COVID.

Nearly half (46%) of respondents said their students were less enthusiastic about “a normal school experience” than they were before COVID, according to a survey of 432 parents by Lead4Change, a student leadership program.

Still, 28% of respondents said their students were more enthusiastic about school in the wake of the pandemic, according to the survey, which covered parents at the high school, middle school and elementary school levels.


Parents also ranked their biggest concerns for their students:

  1. Emotional wellbeing: 61%
  2. Lack of participation in extracurricular activities: 59%
  3. Falling behind academically: 46%
  4. Inability to engage with peers on social and political issues: 41%
  5. Less individualized attention from teachers: 41%
  6. Lack of community service opportunities: 23&
  7. Lack of leadership opportunities: 19%

When asked what was most important to their students, more parents said maintaining friendships and performing well academically.

The percentages show where some parents are at when it comes to their concerns