Supprising Teacher Stories


I bet we all know, of the typical teacher, strict, or lenient or just straight out normal. But, do you know there are teacher gone wrong stories as well, some can even say teacher horror stories. In which in this article, I’m going to inform you of some horrid teacher stories, that are quite unbelievable. Starting now, 

Oklahoma Teacher Showing up Drunk, Pantless on First Day of School

Lorie Ann Hill, 49, was arrested after she showed up for her first day of work at Wagoner High School intoxicated, pantless and shoeless, according to the Wagoner Police Department. While, Hill, a newly-hired teacher at the school, told the police officer she was drinking orange juice and vodka on her way to work. The police officer then asked her if she had any more vodka left, where, she said there was more stocked up in her car, which was parked in the school parking lot. Police booked Hill on a charge of public intoxication. While Hill was arraigned on Tuesday and a judge set bail at $149. After pleading not guilty, she was released from jail Tuesday night.

Teacher Arrested for Stapling a Students Mouth Shut

According to witnesses at the Central High School, Dorothy Fransen was furious after one of her students, 17-year old Jeremy Dunlop, kept interrupting her class and making jokes about her physical appearance. She reportedly tackled the young man and held him on the ground while stapling his lips more than 45 times. While, Amanda Jones, one of the victim’s classmates who witnessed the whole incident, says that the teacher “completely lost it” after the young man made a joke about her weight. Amanda stated that “She was just enraged! She yelled ‘This will shut you up, you little f*****!’ and just jumped on him. She held him down and then she began stapling his lips over and over again.” Another witness, Justin Reynolds, says he tried to help his classmate but was kicked by the infuriated teacher. While, fortunately, two officers of the Springfield Missouri Police Department were already on the site, and Ms. Fransen was arrested less than five minutes after the beginning of the assault. Ms. Fransen now faces a total of 21 criminal charges, including 5 charges of aggravated assault, and could now face up to 110 years in jail.

Teacher Sentenced for Stealing Students Drugs

Cedar Falls police arrested Douglas Wilkinson, 34, a former the University of Northern Iowa football player who taught and coached for 11 years after he was caught entering the Holmes Junior High nurse’s office and swiping 48 Adderall, guanfacine, and methylphenidate pills. While. Wilkinson in July entered written pleas to unlawful possession of prescription drugs in the school case and making a false report for claiming a burglar had stolen his own pills in 2014 — said he was sorry. “I want to apologize to all the students, the Cedar Falls administration, my family, and my wife,” Wilkinson said. “I lost a career I enjoyed a lot,” he said. Prosecutors had asked for a suspended sentence with a year in the Residential Facility Halfway House. “I want you to sit with thieves and liars for 10 days,” Callahan said. He noted that the school nursing office could have taken the blame for the stolen pills had Wilkinson not been caught. He’s now working for construction but is still quite down that he can’t teach again.

Coral Reef High Teacher Charged With Having ‘Romantic’ Relationship with a Student

Social studies teacher Rafael Birriel, 39, was arrested Monday by Miami-Dade police and charged with one count each of offenses against students by authority figures and computer services certain uses prohibited. The police investigation into Birriel began on March 30, 2020, when an allegation was made against him about being involved in a “romantic” relationship with one of his female students, an arrest report read. After speaking with the student, police learned the two were in a relationship for about a year, which had become physical at least once. The student told police they would mostly talk over Discord, a messaging application. Conversations obtained by police showed Birriel would try to persuade her to send erotic, nude, and “racy” photos of her to him. He also would describe the sexual things he would do to her, police wrote in the report. In one conversation, the two talked about an incident that happened at the school. Police said Birriel had kissed the student and grabbed her over her clothes while at Coral Reef.“This is a serious matter that is not taken lightly,” Miami-Dade Schools said in a statement. “As soon as the allegations were reported, the employee was removed from the school and M-DSPD [Miami-Dade Schools Police Department] initiated an investigation. As a result of the arrest, the individual’s employment will be terminated and he will be prevented from seeking future work with the District.”

A White Teacher Reportedly Cut Off a Biracial Student’s Hair

A white Michigan school teacher reportedly took it upon herself to cut a biracial student’s hair last month. The girl’s father, Jimmy Hoffmeyer, told the Associated Press that when he complained to the principal, “She said she didn’t have the authority to do anything,” and instead asked “what she could do to make it go away.” According to Hoffmeyer, this was the second unasked-for chop his 7-year-old daughter, Jurnee, received in a single week. On March 24, she came home from school with one side of her head closely cropped, after another student (also white) took scissors to her long curls on the bus. “It was a child,” Hoffmeyer explained to Mount Pleasant ABC affiliate WJRT, “and you’re not thinking of any serious consequences having to do with a kid.” He says he took Jurnee to a salon that afternoon, where the stylist gave her an asymmetrical cut, keeping some of the lengths. But when Jurnee came home from school two days later, the rest of her hair had been lopped off, too. “She was crying,” Hoffmeyer told the AP. “I asked what happened and said, ‘I thought I told you no child should ever cut your hair. She said, ‘But dad, it was the teacher.’ The teacher cut her hair to even it out.” “Even if they were trying to do it in the kindness of their heart, once they saw the outcome, they should have been like, ‘Yeah we messed up. We should probably call him and let him know what just happened.’” He has reportedly then enrolled his daughter at another school.

Anyways as you can see, there are quite a few teacher so-called, “horror” stories,  which may come off as a surprise to you. Be glad none of them were your teachers, as the school year nears its end, and be grateful for the teachers you have had.