Rodeo, Travis Scott’s Debut Album Received Well By Fans

Travis Scott, 29, is a Houston rapper who blew up in the underground hip hop scene in 2014 with his sophomore mixtape ‘Days Before Rodeo’. Today, he is considered one of the greatest and most successful rappers of our generation. I will be reviewing his very successful debut album ‘Rodeo’ which would put him on the mainstream map with hit singles such as ‘Antidote’ and ‘3500’.

Rodeo released on September 4th, 2015 which consists of 16 tracks and has a runtime of 1 hour and 15 minutes. The album also has a lot of great features with big names such as legendary rapper Kanye West and R&B artist, The Weeknd. There are a lot of things to like and appreciate about this album. My personal favorite aspect of this album is the production. The production on this album has some of the best production I’ve ever heard in music ranging from psychedelic spacy trap beats to hard rock-influenced beats. Another thing to note about this album is its creativity and innovation. This album would later go on to influence a lot of the trap artists that are popular right now. In my opinion, this is not only Travis’s best album but it’s also his most complete and consistent. Very few (1 or 2) low effort verses, no bland or boring production, quality features, great theme, and storyline; in my opinion, almost everything about this album is perfect. If I had to give this album a score I would give it a 9.5/10.

Overall, this album is a milestone in hip hop history and is considered one of the best trap albums and just hip hop albums in general. Currently, I’m waiting for Travis’s next solo album ‘Utopia’ which is rumored to be dropping sometime later this year. It’s been 3 years since Travis Scott’s last album ‘Astroworld’ and now it’s time to see what he’s been working on in those 3 years.