7 crystals used for the 7 chakras



(sources: health line article,love and light school.com )


What is a chakra?

The chakra system refers to the energy centers we have in our bodies. There are seven major chakras, each in a specific location along your spine.


List of the 7 chakras 


Root chakra -located at the base of the spine, keeps you grounded and stable 

Sacral chakra -located below belly button,brings creativity 

Solar plexus chakra -located near stomach, confidence and self esteem 

Heart chakra -located at the heart, love and compassion

Throat chakra -located at the throat, helps you communicate effectively 

Third eye chakra – between eyebrows, instinct ,intuition and imagination 

Crown chakra – above the head,  connection and purpose

Now that you understand the 7 chakras and their qualities, there are certain crystals that help bring balance. For instance if you’re having trouble communicating your thoughts and feelings lapis lazuli is a great stone to help open that blockage.


List of crystals used for the 7 chakras 


Black tourmaline or any red,black,brown stone for the Root chakra 

Carnelian or any orange,peach,brown stone  for the Sacral chakra

 Citrine or any yellow and gold stone for the Solar plexus chakra

  Rose quartz or any pink and green stone for the Heart chakra

Aquamarine or any blue stones like for the Throat chakra

Blue kyanite or any indigo or violet stones for the Third eye chakra

 Amethyst or any violet or clear stone  for the Crown chakra