Frisco Parents demand 3 things: Masks distancing and virtual option for 7-12th grade



On Monday August 16th, 2021 about 25 parents in Fisd protested at the Frisco administration building demanding social distancing ,mask mandates,and a virtual online option for grades 7-12th. There is already a temporary online option for grades k-6th, but parents still worry as covid cases continue to rise. Positive covid cases have already appeared the first few days of school across the Frisco area as Gov. Greg Abbott had issued a statewide order prohibiting mask mandates and social distancing. Students, parents and staff are the ones that will be directly affected by the delta variant as no contact tracing will be issued this school year.

Vaishali Chati, a protester, attended the event and spoke in favor of virtual school for everyone.

“Kids are not comfortable. Parents are not comfortable” Chati said.” I think they should have the option for everyone..”

Karthink said the group wanted safety measures for lunch time. 

“Kids are piled up..elbow to elbow in the cafeteria..I think they really need to improve the situation”.

School districts around Texas have previously gone against the governor’s order and have proceeded with social distancing and allowing masks within the schools. The parents in Frisco continue to fight for the same safety measures.