3 tips to ease into senior year


 Senior year ! we made it class of  ’22, some of us were last in school as sophomores spending all of junior year inside, or some of us switched back and forth between school or home. Regardless of how you got to this exciting time, the world still feels grim and full of uncertainty during this ongoing pandemic. Below  are some tips to ease into this important  and exciting year 



Start college applications 

It’s better to start now than to wait. Common App or Apply Texas are a good place to start as well as researching the college website. Look for important information such as tuition costs, FAFSA, and when deadlines are. Regular decision deadline is January/February 2022. SAT/ACT have been waived for certain colleges so take initiative and apply.


Do regular check-ins with yourself 

It’s important to ask yourself how you are doing in order to maintain self care.If not, that can allow for mental health to decline at a faster rate, opening the door for the mind to travel to a dark head space and for unhealthy habits to form  that can make you unrecognizable to yourself. The uncertainty of not knowing who you are just yet can cause its own stresses but although being open about mental health is hard it’s important to know when it’s time to ask for help.


Get involved with extracurricular activities 

Try something new by getting involved with extracurricular activities or volunteering. Not only would this allow you to connect with your community and friends but it will look good for college applications and add an enriching experience to your last year in high school with senior events like prom or college tours. Remember to have fun and enjoy this time.