The Stunning Photos from the IPPAWARDS Are Worth a Look

The most expensive and glamorous cameras might be efficient at capturing the clearest details but they aren’t always necessary. The IPPAWARDS has been seeking to prove that since its foundation in 2007 through their annual iPhone photography competitions, where they award the utmost eye-catching images of that particular year. This year is no different as the 2021 winners have been chosen and show once again that beauty and art is always within our fingertips. 


The criteria for the IPPAWARDS are simple: photos are to be taken from either an iPhone or iPad and are not to be altered by any means, be it photoshop or any other enhancement tool. The submissions can fall into one of fifteen categories; abstract, animals, architecture, children, cityscape, landscape, lifestyle, nature, people, portrait, series, still life, sunset, travel, other. No matter the category, the mission is the same- to incite a powerful emotion or reaction in the viewer. 


The Grand Prize Winner was Istvan Kerekes from Hungary in his piece titled “Tranlyvannian Shepherds.” 

Second place went to Sharan Shetty from India for his photo “Bonding.” 

Third place was given to Dan Liu from China and his submission fittingly called “A Walk on Mars.” 

Some other notable photos featured were: 

Tatiana Merzlyakova’s “The Magic of the Aurora Borealis in Russia”

Jeff Rayner’s “Side-Walking on Air in LA”

Shuo Li’s “Giant Arrivals in China”