The importance of carrying an ‘Emergency Contact’ card

The importance of carrying an Emergency Contact card


Why it’s crucial to carry an ICE emergency contact card

Having an Emergency contact card (ICE) may seem like something you could go without but you never know when life will take a turn. An Emergency Contact Card is an identification card that individuals will keep on them and use in the event of a disaster. The importance of having an ICE on your person allows help to arrive efficiently.


The emergency contact  card consists of

  •  Your Full Legal Name.
  • Medical Conditions.
  • Allergies.
  • Medications (May want to include dosage and frequency)
  • Health Care Provider/Insurance Info.
  • 2-3 Primary Emergency Contacts.


My experience without the help of an ICE card 

One day I was going to meet my friend Kelsey at the park. On my way to meet her she experiences a seizure falling down hitting her head on the concrete. 911 was called and the paramedics came but they didn’t know who she was ,what caused her seizure or who to contact ! as the paramedics were tending to her. In shock,I provided the information I knew about my friend Kelsey. Her name, age and that she has epilepsy. But that was the only information I could offer as they asked about where she lived. I didn’t know the exact address, just the area. I felt helpless and worried and didn’t know what to do  but  I focused on staying calm. I just spoke clearly and answered the paramedics’ questions. 


Without the ICE card they could not get her phone open to contact her parents as fast and although they were eventually contacted her parents  asked me what had happened as she was on her way to the hospital. I repeated what I stated to the paramedics and by this point the shock was settling in but I don’t think they minded as we all just felt worried. Luckily she turned out okay in the end as she now carries one just in case.


My experience without the availability of an ICE card was more stress inducing, as I could only answer what I remembered. But I know  with the help of an ICE card that it would have been a smoother process. Instead of focusing on Kelsey’s  information from memory I could have focused on making sure she was okay which was the most important thing.