Seniors Speak on Their Time in High School


Senior year is an interesting one. It is a challenging academic period in which college applications and classes rival each other in attempts to be stress-inducing. Symantously it is trademark for having a lack-luster work ethic among students in a phenomenon nicknamed “senioritis.” However one of the most defining features of the final year of school would be the time of reflection it allows for teens to look back on their high school experience in both fond nostalgia or critical judgement. After dealing with an unprecedented high school education colored entirely by a pandemic, Memorial seniors dish on what they feel these past few years have taught them.


When it comes to talking about their time in high school, seniors have a lot to say. One such upperclassman is Riddhi Gosavi, a hard-working student who through a dense AP packed schedule is no stranger to the challenges school can present. “I would describe my high school experience as memorable and eye opening, but stressful at the same time. I cherish the memories that I have made with my friends and teachers over the years, and am fortunate enough to have found a career path that excites me,” Gosavi explains. “On the other hand, I feel that teachers as a group could do better to prepare students for not only exams and quizzes in their class, but also life after graduation. As for connection, I would advise teachers to get to know their students on a more personal level by doing simple things such as asking every student how they are when they walk in, or starting the class off with a positive quote or anecdote.” 


For fellow senior and devoted student Taveion Neasman, Memorial has proven to be highly beneficial. “My high school experience has been amazing! I’ve met some of the most genuine people that I have ever met in my life and I feel as though the staff does care about its students,” Neasman said. “When I had to miss an entire week of school due to a family matter, every single one of my teachers allowed me ample time and provided resources to get caught up once I returned. In terms of events, I love attending the football games…Finally, getting to participate in various clubs like HOSA and Student Council has greatly enhanced my high school experience as well.” 


Be it on a computer screen wearing pajamas or in isolated desks while adorning a mask, this graduating class has endured unparalleled circumstances while working for their GEDs. However in doing so, they have set an example for future Memorial Warriors and teachers alike that the unconquerable spirit of the Class of 2022 will prevail no matter what is thrown at them.