Interview with Golf Captain, Nathan Pheng


Golf has been a sport at Memorial high school for a few years now and yet we don’t seem to hear much about this prestigious sport,when the games are happening, and who the teams are.Today I will be interviewing Nathan Pheng ,The golf captain at MHS.

1 What is it like to be a part of the golf team?

“As this year’s Captain, I can say that calling it “a great time” is definitely an understatement. The team this year, even though it is just the start of the school year, has definitely been working really hard. Not a single day wasted and I’m proud to be a part of a program that values the sport as much as I do.”


2 What does golf mean to you now? 

“That is an interesting question…If I was younger, I would probably say that it is just a sport but over time, I have started to realize that golf is more than that. Without it, I feel like I wouldn’t have the type of built character that I have now. Golf has taught me that things don’t always go your way and that you still have to deal with what you’re given…a lesson and motive that I believe I will hold on to for a very long time.”


3 has your perspective changed on golf?

“As I’ve matured, I have started realizing how humble you have to be in order to stay sane in  a variable sport such as golf. You cannot be cocky and you definitely cannot be down on yourself as this sport will consistently break you down mentally over time. You just have to stay constantly motivated no matter what’s being thrown at you.”


4 What is some insight you can give to someone who knows nothing about golf ?

“I would ask them to not be so beaten down the first few times you go out and play on the course. I guarantee them that it is not gonna look pretty for the first few times being out there but in due time…you will start seeing the results you want more consistently. In this sport, people develop in different ways and times. It just depends on how much work you put in at a given time. Just never give up…you got it.”


5 How has golf changed this year ?

“I believe that people are now starting to realize that golf is starting to receive that recognition it has always deserved. I see the game of Junior Competitive Golf is growing as we speak and I am excited to see how the game of golf grows in the future.Come see our first tournament is in 2 weeks. We will be at Waterchase Golf Club in Fort Worth.”