The Weakening Understaffment


In today’s society, businesses are going down, in which everywhere is becoming understaffed constantly.

An example is, how I work at IHop ( the one-off of Dallas Pkwy), where we are very understaffed.

We are good on servers, but cooks are where our problem is.

We’ll have maybe 2 tables and it’ll take like 30 minutes or so for their food to come out, making them upset & impatient.

Where we have to say, “sorry we only have one cook”, or “our manager is the only one cooking”, which tends to happen quite often, to where there are no cooks willing to come where a server or even a manager is forced to cook.

Sometimes there’s no-cook or manager there at the moment with just myself and one other server, which can be quite conflicting.

While we as servers have double the work due to us being so understaffed.

We have to serve our tables, of course, seat people most of the time, roll at least one bucket of silverware per server, do our tons of side work ( like refill all the syrups, sweep, salad bar refilling, etc.)

Which can be very time consuming.

While business has been going down in some businesses lately, even.

Like it’ll be night shift and like 7 tables will come in all night.

While, yes mornings are still pretty busy and some Friday nights, but as we get understaffed, our business goes down as well.

In which, like I said before, understatement is quite a big issue in today’s society.