Understanding Annual Profection Years in Astrology


Today I am continuing my article series on How to read and interpret Birth charts. Today is about understanding the Annual Profection year in astrology.


What is an annual profection year in Astrology?

Annual profections in astrology is an yearly advancement in someone’s life based on age each year of the native’s life, the Ascendant, or the 1st house, signifying the native, is advancing annually, moving into the next sign.Each whole sign would be a whole house, so as they would profect the ascendant, each house, and sign would then become activated for that year of the native’s life. 

Which House is Activated

Those house topics will be pushed to the forefront of the native’s life for that year.

Which Sign is Activated

Any planets in transit passing through that sign will be important.

Planets in the Activated House 

Planets activated, and what they represent in the chart, will come into focus for the year.

Ruler of the Activated Sign

This will be the planet whose themes and motion you will be most receptive to for the entire year. It is important to look at what house the planet is located, as the themes of that house will also be activated. Additionally, the other sign/house that the activated planet rules will be important.

Example: If you are 18 years old your annual profection year is in the 7th house in gemini ,this will focus on your relationships and communication with other people. 

understanding an Annual Profection year can help you get a glimpse for the ‘theme’ of the next year your birthday comes around.

To learn more about zodiac signs, houses and planet meanings which would be needed to find your profection for the year read the previous astrology articles on Karalyn Speaks column under the opinions tab to find out more.


How to read Annual profection chart wheel

center of the wheel is the 12 houses and  every number after is an age number affected by the theme of that house

Example: 3rd house is communication starting at age 2 for the development of speech, at age 14 communication can start to become difficult or more vocal on newly formed opinions and ideas