How to Enjoy Fall in Frisco


The scorching hot weather might tell another story, but fall has officially arrived. With it comes the promise of all the joys associated with autumn, from the prestigious adoption of pumpkins to the traditional consumption of Starbucks fall-themed drinks. The festivity is not to be lacking in Frisco as the city ramps up the celebratory events for America’s favorite season.


When one thinks of fall, often the first thing that comes to mind is the iconic orange pumpkin. No better can that be enjoyed than at Big Orange Pumpkin Farm, a grange located in Preston Trails that gives families a chance to climb on hay bales, see over 50 farm animals and yes, get a pumpkin. Likewise, the Shades of Green Garden Center Pumpkin Painting gives kids a chance to embrace their inner artist by displaying their Picasso skills on a pumpkin of their choosing. No list regarding Frisco fall events would be worthy without mentioning Pumpkins on the Prairie, a 15 year old tradition where people from all over the city come to choose a pumpkin just right for their wants. 


The beginning of fall marks Halloween season and a chance for kids to have an excuse to consume copious amounts of candy. Safety Town has long since helped kids carry out that tradition by giving children 5th grade and under a chance to trick or treat at their little village. Likewise The Rail District provides candy to any youngster willing to come by from the hours of 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Pet owners looking to get in on the fun can travel to the Frisco Fresh Market where two separate costume contests are held- one for children and one for fantastically dressed dogs. 


It’s impossible to list all the spectacles that dazzle Frisco during the leaf-falling season. From the holiday glee of Thanksgiving and Halloween to the cool temperature and diversey colored trees, it’s no wonder Americans have consistently rated fall as their favorite season. In a time of uncertainty, look for the joys always present in life or in this case, the joys of autumn!