Memorial High School HOCO 2021


The long-awaited homecoming weekend is upon us warriors! As you could have guessed by this enchanted-forest-themed spirit week of dressing up, people are very eager for both the game and dance. 

The game tonight, October 1st, is Memorial v. Denison. This is happening at 7 pm at Memorial stadium. Make sure to get any last-minute tickets. They are 4 dollars for students and 6 for adults. 

Students are also very excited about the dance tomorrow, October 2nd. The final day to get tickets online is today, so make sure to get them! They are $25 at If you can’t pay the fee online don’t fret; because you can still pay $30 at the door.

Even the staff is getting ready for HOCO with the official Twitter tweeting out, “We love all the spirit everyone has shown all week long!”

Have fun and stay safe Warriors!