Room Makeover?


Want to change it up a little? Redo your room? If that’s the case, then this is for you! I’m going to give popular room ideas and inspiration, in hope that you will find your dream room/ the room you’re destined to have. Going through several room styles ideas/ inspirations.

Nature-Based Room: vine wall/ vines on the ceiling, nature-themed wall posters, fake pants throughout your room/ on shelves in your room, white or green oversized comforter, faux fur rug, plug-in fan, and any other nature-based things that just go with you!

Retro/ Vintage Based Room: records on wall, (white striped or viney) comforter, several pillows, polaroid pictures clipped on the wall, fairy or bulb lights on the wall, posters on wall & photo wall even.

All-Out Girly Based Room: swinging chair, white or pink comforter with white or pink pillows( maybe even eyelash pillow), model photos or makeup photos, stylist headboard, fuzzy foot stand, white fluffy rug, white glass lamp, body-sized mirror, a white clothing rack, basically anything formal looking with the girly theme.

Aesthetic Based Room: white comforter, several pillows (clouds, cow print, solid, etc), vine wall, light up signs (lightning bolt, cloud, etc), fuzzy cow blanket for bed, photo wall (aesthetic colors that go with your theme and photos of you/ friends), body-sized mirror, poster/ banner wall, lots of lights( led lights, bulb lights, fairy lights, etc).

Ocean Based Room: blue/ white bedding, ocean banner/ tapestry on the wall, ocean creatures posters, polaroid camera & ocean pillows.

All Out Boys Based Room: gaming chair, desk w/ laptop and gaming system, led lights, banners/ tapestries on the wall that go with their mindset, blue or black bedspread( most of the time), guitar & anything else that interests them.

In which those are some popular room ideas that I have at least seen, where you can find way more of these ideas on Pinterest, where it holds a large variety of them.