The Power of Music


As many may agree with, music takes a large toll on many people’s lives, allowing them to connect with it even.

With there being a large variety of songs that people may choose from.

With some said to be strong songs being, Bored By: Billie Eilish, Like I Can By: Sam Smith, Too Good At Goodbyes By: Sam Smith, Another Love By Tom Odell, Brother By: Kodaline, Control By: Zoe Wees & Love in The Dark By: Adele.

In which there’s of course many more, varying from rap to sad songs to pop to country.

Where, it is said, sad songs are a large category of music that people today tend to connect to and relate with, helping them through many problems and things.

With even singers that perform on the voice, for example, sharing their emotions through their singing, in which you can spot it and tell, because music is what fulfils them, is what connects them to reality.

 In which it connects with many people, such as myself as well.

Where, my friends and I, for example, listen to music when we may be suffering through problems for example or when we even just want to vibe and relax.

Music is a key factor in our lives as long as many others.