Tarot deck Review



 Tarot is a form of divination that allows you to connect with the universe or any higher being you believe in. Tarot cards are a 78 card deck and oracle cards are a 44 card deck which make them slightly different because oracle decks are a tool of self-reflection, affirmations, and for quick questions that you may have. Tarot is more in depth allowing you to think deeply about the current situation.



When using tarot and oracle cards I have learned to trust myself and my own interpretation of the cards. I noticed while giving readings mostly to friends and family it has really helped them with the questions they may have about their life and the people around them.They gain clarity on how to navigate a certain situation or a choice they have to make. I learned this allows them to act accordingly and become a leader in their own life. Working with the cards has made me find a foundation within myself that is stable but they are a fun tool to confirm what I may have already been thinking and has allowed room for my own growth.

I recommend using beginner cards such as “Work your light oracle deck” and “The Angel tarot cards” ; these are great to ease into because this practice can be overwhelming as well as emotionally intense. It’s best to be prepared for what the cards might say but also know they are just cards and you have complete control in what you decide to do for your life. I think it’s a great tool for inner guidance and helping a friend who may need some guidance.