National Kindness Day

National Kindness Day

On November 13, National Kindness Day is recognized. People pass out compliments like candy on Halloween and freely open doors for strangers- and maybe if they are feeling especially generous, they give a friend a flashy gift. It is celebrated for 24 hours, often through the praising shares on social media, and then November 14 rolls around, ending the holiday. 


But what if it didn’t end?


What if National Kindness Day continued beyond the confinements of its recognition? What if it washed over into the next few days and then weeks and then eventually, just into our lives? National Kindness Day doesn’t have to be a trend, but a lifestyle. Be it volunteering for a charity or actively working to help those in need, both the simple and the grand acts of human decency have the power to change people’s lives. 


In Charlie Mackesy’s novel “The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse,” the author had to find how to convey the magnitude of kindness in a page and a drawing. In the end, he settled for a short quote adorned with a picture of four diverse animals sitting in unity, writing only one thing- “‘Nothing beats kindness,’” said the horse. ‘It sits quietly beyond all things.’” 


That quote is up to interpretation, but to me it tells of the eternal nature of kindness. That even when the clouds are dark and the storm is vast, there is a blue sky just above it ready to appear. Kindness is always occurring and as long as people are willing to embrace, that will remain true to the end of our time.