What World Kindness Day is Really About

What World Kindness Day is Really About

What Is World Kindness Day Really About? 

By: LaNiyah Goff

World Kindness Day is an international day of the year that promotes the importance of being kind to not only each other, but to yourself and the world.

This day of kindness takes place on November 13th of each year and puts a large focus on helping everyone understand that compassion for others is what holds us all together as a society.

“Our world has been seriously affected by the global pandemic and now more than ever we need to unite to spread our positive and kind intentions and actions and together foster goodwill throughout the broader worldwide community.”, says the president of the World Kindness Movement NGO (non-governmental organization).

World Kindness Day was implemented through a measure facilitated by the World Kindness Movement’s members who determined the day’s purpose and importance in the world, more than two decades ago.

To highlight good deeds in the community and focus on the positive power of the common thread of kindness which binds us all.”, is the purpose of World Kindness Day as defined by the World Kindness Movement committee.

Since its creation, over 20 years ago, the day has garnered global recognition and is now a day celebrated globally with activities such as concerts, dance mobs, and the distribution of “kindness cards.” The day made from the will to foster a kinder worldwide community is best summed up by the following quote.

“How do we change the world?… With one random act of kindness at a time.”