Are Stores Closing This Thanksgiving?

Are Stores Closing This Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving falls on November 25th, this year as it’s the fourth Thursday in the month. This was declared by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 when he decided that the last Thursday of November every year would be a day to celebrate giving thanks to all who have come before us and all that will follow. During this day people from all over the nation gather with their families and have dinner surrounded by their loved ones, but does anyone notice the stores that are closed when they’re needed the most?


Imagine you’re cooking dinner for your whole family and suddenly realize you forgot stuffing, gravy, etc. and you can’t access it easily. Many stores like Target and Walmart won’t be open this Thanksgiving due to the Covid-19 outbreak last year. 68% of US shoppers said stores should be closed on Thanksgiving according to a Retail Me Not survey done earlier this year.


“We also closed our stores on Thanksgiving Day in order to minimize crowds and help our guests take the stress out of getting the best deals of the season,” a member from the company disclosed.


Target is one of the main stores to get your everyday needs and without the store being open, you better hope you have neighbors nice enough to lend you whatever needs you come across.


“The response was so positive that we’ll carry it forward this year, keeping our Target stores closed all day long on Thanksgiving Day.” Corporate announced.


It seems that this Thanksgiving you might be completely out of luck or you might need to head to your local grocery store and be thankful that anything is left. Nonetheless, the food might be great but that’s not what Thanksgiving is about, so go put on a movie, play a board game, and celebrate any traditions your family may have. Have a great Thanksgiving this season y’all!