Frisco IHop Server Gets Blessed With $500 Tip


On Friday, November 26th, server Vanessa Shangwa, got quite a surprise when serving a 12 top at IHop that one evening. In which I’m going to ask her a few quick questions about how she felt and what it was like, starting now!

Q1: Were you expecting that tip, what was your initial reaction?

Honestly I wasn’t expecting it at all . I thought they were going to give me a 10 to 20 dollar tip since it was a big party. When one of the ladies gave me the ticket with the tip all I did was walk away in tears. I couldn’t believe what they had given me as a tip. I remember walking back to the table just to make sure they didn’t make a mistake or maybe they were messing with me but they assured me that it was real.

Q2: What are you planning on doing with that bit of extra money?

Well pay off part of my car bill.

Q3: Was this the highest tip you’ve ever gotten, what do you think led you to getting this tip?

Yes this was the highest tip I’ve ever gotten and I’m pretty sure it’s the highest I will ever get. I don’t know really but they said I was a good server and I was really kind and patient with them.

Q4: What were the reactions of the people around you?

Well like I’ve mentioned I walked away to cry so I bet no one really noticed except my manager and the people on the table.

In which that’s a wrap on this short interview with Vanessa Shangwa, how surprising and nice some people can be sometimes