The Impact of Social Media On Today’s Children


Based on research it is said that there are first of all yes, perks, for the availability of social media for children/ teens.

Like, them being able to stay in touch with their friends better, providing an easier way of communication.

But, it also leads to many shocking and surprising things, for the generations coming forward.

Like, creating children to be more narcissistic or even making children start to dress like their older, not being their age anymore, growing up faster.

In which children used to be children. Where even 8 year olds are starting to try and dress and act like 17 year olds.

In which what they see on social media, is causing today’s society of children to mature faster, not really getting their full “childhood”.

Where, research also states how social media tends to lower the self esteem of these children/ teens.

Where it’s even stated that, rates of anxiety and depression in young people have risen concurrently with those that tend to constantly use social media.

In which rates have even risen since social media, to where children may even be suicidal, due to them seeing others on social media that are “perfect” or “gorgeous” even, lowering their self esteem and making them feel as if they aren’t good enough.

Where it’s even stated that,  social media usage creates a nonverbal learning disability, putting everybody in a nonverbal disabled context, where body language, facial expression, and even the smallest kinds of vocal reactions are rendered invisible. 

Where another source again stated that even pre-teens don’t act or even seem their age anymore, due to them dressing in clothes that are meant for older teenagers.

Where, they don’t even experience the joys of being a child anymore, due to what they are seeing on social media, especially tiktok, being so ready to mature and grow up. 

In which, like I’ve stated, social media is pushing particularly children to want to mature faster due to what they are seeing on social media, having role models that have “the best style” or whom are “gorgeous” causing them and others to want to dress and look like that as well.