Reviews galore to start 2022


Kenny’s Wood Fire Grill is a staple in my family. My parents love going here because not only do they have wonderful food but the customer service is amazing. 

Kenny’s menu has a variety of different food items which are very interchangeable with many add ons at no extra charge. The price of this restaurant is kind of costly but totally worth it because of the quality of their food.

Kenny’s main goal is to make the customers enjoy their food with no issues at all whatsoever. The waiters and waitresses pay close attention to their guest when they are ordering, take orders efficiently, and brings out food very fast all while maintaining being family-friendly. The customer service is a 10 out of 10.


The Nutcracker is a classic holiday ballet, and Texas Ballet Theatre perfectly captures that spirit in their production. I had never seen this rendition before, but I am glad I purchased tickets. 

The performance I attended was at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth. The outside of the building was beautiful, and the decor on the inside gave a warm, holiday feel with Christmas trees and lights. Most seats were reasonably priced, and ranged from $40-$400, depending on the seats and when the tickets were bought. Every seat in the hall provided a good view of the stage with comfortable seats. The ushers were all very kind and helpful. 

Their sets were beautiful, and you can tell lots of effort went into them. The costumes in the party scene were authentic looking to the 19th century, and the rest of the costumes paid homage to different cultures while also showcasing beautiful ballet tutus. 

All the dancers were incredibly talented, from the seasoned principal dancers to the young Texas Ballet Theatre school dancers. The acting in the show was also lovely and helped to follow the story. The effort they put into the show was very evident by their passionate dancing to the classic Tchaikovsky score.

The Nutcracker encapsulates the entire holiday season in two hours, and Texas Ballet Theatre’s production left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling, even more, excited for the upcoming holidays. I highly recommend this performance, and will likely see it again.


Stonebriar mall Frisco,tx

Marvel masterpiece

This was quite possibly the greatest movie in my lifetime it brought all my younger self dreams true.

The purchasing process

It was very quick and easy and found myself getting the seat by my friends very easily. Also I feel that the money I spent to get my ticket was a lot more than I would usually spend but it was worth it.

The movie theater 

To add on the price me and my friends did pay for the Imax version I would have to say there is a difference but I don’t think that is noticeable so if you don’t want to pay extra you can always stick with the normal version. There was also a good atmosphere with the other people viewing the movie.


Encanto: AMC Theater at Stonebrook

It’s not my first time coming to this destination and it won’t be my last, but this trip was a little disappointing. We got tickets ahead of time and they worked just fine, but the original time we wanted to go that was listed on the website wasn’t a choice for tickets. When we got to the theater when we tried to order snacks such as popcorn for the movie all machines were broken. They got them working before it started luckily, so they were very quick about fixing it. In fact, a lot of things were broken, only one of the ICEE machines had all the flavors working.

Now, even though the theater wasn’t the best that day, I must say the movie itself was spectacular. With music from Lin Manuel Miranda (the creator of Hamilton), it had a very catchy soundtrack. The animation was topnotch and the representation was amazing in both the cast and movie. The movie made the experience better and with the theater’s location, I was able to spend the rest of the day at the mall afterward.


Whataburger in Prosper Shopping Center

My friend and I took a trip to the Gates of Prosper to finish up some Christmas shopping and we wanted to end the evening with a bite to eat. So, we decided to head to Whataburger in the shopping center. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to eat there because of my negative experience a few years back at the location on Eldorado. However, I wanted to give it a second chance. 

The line to the register was long, but it went quickly. We decided to eat inside the establishment. It was a very chill and controlled environment that we were satisfied with. The cleanliness was decent especially since it was later in the night and not many people were there. Crumbs on some tables around but no big pieces of trash nearby. 

I ordered the bacon cheeseburger meal with a large sweet tea which was about $9.50. My friend ordered the regular cheeseburger meal with a sweet tea as well. 

The food was served hot and with a smile from the worker. He asked us if we needed anything else before he left us with our meals. I really enjoyed the burger and fries as well as my beverage and I would definitely go again.


Mochas & Javas – Legacy Dr, Frisco, TX

I’ve been to this coffee shop a few times now and have had a great experience each time. Regardless of ordering from the inside or the very convenient drive-thru, the employees have treated me with kindness and friendliness.

The inside is pretty small and gives it a homey and welcoming atmosphere, but does have a good amount of space for seating indoor and outdoor. This place is very fit for an on-the-go stop, serving you quickly with quality service. 

Additionally, amidst the large selection of products, it has vegan-friendly options, offering substitutes for milk (Oat, Coconut, Almond) supporting any allergen concerns. I have yet to try the baked goods but the drinks I have ordered are consistently tasty. If you’re feeling a sweet coffee I strongly recommend the salted caramel mocha (to make it vegan friendly remove whipped cream and substitute the milk for one of the alternatives.) 

I plan on continuing to come to Mochas & Javas often especially since I haven’t experienced any uncomfortable long lines or waiting periods. Everything goes through very smoothly. The prices for drinks range from about 2$ to 6$, and pastries are at an average of 4$. I love this place and hope it’ll get more recognition!


In my family, we are all about spice and have always loved trying new hot chicken spots. So my cousin wanted to try Dave’s Hot Chicken to see if it is overrated and to test how hot their chicken is. 

The atmosphere is modern, chic, nice with bright red chairs, wood tables with a bunch of space throughout the restaurant, and a nice patio area. 

I ordered the number 1 meal which comes with 2 huge tenders, fries. sliced bread, with a side of pickles. I got my tenders in hot and medium, the tenders themselves were crispy, fresh, and crunchy.  The chicken was well cooked but lacked flavor in my eyes. Nothing was really different about the chicken, the hot seasoning seemed packed onto the chicken and felt that was the only seasoning they used, and the chicken had a gritty feel to it. And the secret sauce wasn’t the best either because it was watery, and was missing something.  But the fries were ultimately my favorite part of my meal, they were fresh, crispy, and seasoned nicely. 

And I did like how nice the staff members were since it was my first time there the cashier helped explain the menu to me, and how their chicken is cooked. The food came out quickly and was steaming hot. 

Overall, the place wasn’t my favorite due to the lack of flavoring when it came to the chicken and the pricing, my menu was around 15 dollars which to me is expensive, and I more than likely won’t come back. I did enjoy the nice touch of music and the nice staff members but to me, this place is definitely overrated.


Boba + Donuts

I’ve been to this Boba + Donuts a few times and each is a great experience. It’s always clean and there are a few tables inside.

It is in a good location it’s not hard to find. Even though there are a few shops closer to me I drive a few extra minutes just to come here. 

They have over 30 different drinks to pick from and you can also add different boba flavors to your drink. I have only had the donuts once and they tasted fresh. 

I order a Mango black tea with mango boba and it’s pretty sweet, but I like my drinks that way. They also show on the menu how sweet the drink is from 25-100 %.

The staff is very kind and will be patient if you have questions or aren’t sure what you want.


Mi Cocina (The Location at The Star)

My family and I decided to eat at the Mi Cocina that’s at The Star recently, it’s the only one we go to and we always enjoy our food.

This time I ordered the Quesadillas with Cheese and Pico de Gallo, usually, I get the Breakfast Quesadillas which are pretty much the same thing just with Eggs and Bacon. Both of which are absolutely delicious, I’d recommend either. They each cost about $11, if I’m not mistaken, which I say is a reasonable price.

On this visit, I got an Arnold Palmer as my drink which I did not end up liking as neither the lemonade nor the tea was sweet, or at least not sweet enough for me personally, so I recommend asking for sugar packets and light ice so that you can stir it well (as the ice made it hard to stir in the sugar).

Our waitress was attentive and never forgot to bring us what we needed, though my parents noted that she did not check in as much as they’d have liked her too.

And it’s worth noting that the bathrooms were very clean.


FC Barcelona Stadium (Camp Nou) – LEGO

I have always liked to build and admire any type of LEGO build and this one is no different. This stadium once done looks absolutely stunning.

Although I believe the final product is great, the process to get there was pretty difficult. First of all, some of the pieces that were needed to continue with the build were missing. Then, it really was a boring build, it was very repetitive, but that was to be expected and it is also a lot bigger than expected. 

The price point may end up being a dealbreaker for a lot of people since it does come to be a whopping $350, so it definitely isn’t affordable for most.


Urban Taco – Highland Park


I decided to go to a Mexican restaurant in Highland Park before a Dallas Stars’ game. I had never been to this place before, but it was one of the best experiences I had ever had. The aesthetic of the restaurant was very authentic and presented a very happy and upbeat vibe.

The menu was very reasonably priced with a plate of tacos being around 15-20 dollars. Appetizers were 8-12 dollars. Most items were very reasonably priced and all looked very good. 

I ordered pork tacos with avocado, pico, and cilantro. They came on a corn tortilla wrapped with fried cheese and stuffed with jalapenos. They were absolutely delicious and are the best tacos I have ever had. I was thoroughly impressed with the food.

The waiter was prompt and contributed to the overall feel of the restaurant. The hosts sat us promptly and the restaurant was not very busy. Everyone was very friendly and gave us a great experience.

The restrooms were clean despite them being small. The restaurant was pretty quiet and had very quiet background music. 

Overall the experience was amazing and I would definitely come back.

Beatstar (app)

This game is very entertaining and challenging. It is fun to play and the concept is simple.

 The songs on the app are well-known and fun to play, although there could be more song variety. 

The only negative about this game is the concept of cases, you have to wait either 3 or 5 hours for a case to open, depending on what type of case you are opening. The problem with this is if you don’t have a case open you can’t play songs. 

There is an option to watch ads to play songs, but you don’t get any rewards toward your cases if you watch ads to play; and after a few songs, you can no longer watch ads.

There is an option to buy unlimited play for $5, but there is a catch for that as well. The unlimited play expires after a week, the purchase isn’t a one-time purchase. 

The game also has an in-game currency called gems; gems can save you if you mess up in the game (fail to tap) and you can start from the point you left off and keep your streak. The only downside is that you can only earn up to 10 gems a day. 10 gems a day will only save you if you mess up on three different songs or mess up on one song twice because the number of gems required to save yourself goes up as you save yourself more frequently. First time = 3 points, second time = 5 points.

The game also has a competitive aspect, you can add friends and try and beat their scores on songs that you both have. After you beat a friend’s score you can brag, and when you receive a brag you get an option for revenge.

But overall, the game is really fun to play and challenging, with gold, platinum, and diamond rankings depending on how well you play; it is addicting and you could play for hours trying to get one of the rankings on the songs.



This 6 episode mini-series show on Disney + is the show to see. Disney + is a very user-friendly streaming service that made it easy to watch this show. 

Hawkeye takes place in New York City during the Christmas season in 2024. Clint Barton teams up with Kate Bishop to confront enemies from his past who are now after Kate. 

I am a very big Marvel fan. I have watched every MCU movie and show and other Marvel-related movies + shows. I have also read many comics including the Hawkeye comic.

This show is very similar to the comic but also had its own fun twist to it! Every character in this show had their own character arc that didn’t feel to rushed or too much time on it. My favorite character from the show was Maya Lopez and was written perfectly.

The cinematography was outstanding! It mainly consisted of action scenes but it was very enjoyable to watch. 

The only thing that I didn’t enjoy was the post-credit scene which was just a song from Rogers the Musical. It was not what I expected. But this show was my favorite MCU show so far!

Hawaiian bros ~ Frisco

I and my family were wanted to try a new place for lunch so we went to the new Hawaiian bros in Frisco. The decor was Hawaiian-themed and they were playing Hawaiian music.

The menu items were pretty much the same except you could change how spicy the meat was and you could also switch out the appetizers. The pricing was decent considering how good the food was and how much they gave you.

The food ranged from $1 being the cheapest side and $12 being the most expensive meal..

I ordered the huli huli chicken which came on a bed of rice with a side of rice and another side of macaroni salad. The food wasn’t terrible but it was not good enough for me to want to come back. Personally, I just thought that it was a weird combination of foods and the chicken was very sweet. My mom and grandmaw did end up liking the food and they said they would definitely come back.

The lady we were ordering from was really nice and explained everything to us since it was our first time and was very understanding. The restrooms were super clean and nice and the building was kept very clean overall.


Crush Taco

I go to crush taco with me and my family a lot because my sister and my friend both work there. As soon as you walk in they greet you and make sure you feel welcome. 

There are multiple items of all varieties on the menu. They have multiple taco options plus corn bowls, salads, and burritos. The food ranges anywhere from $4.00- $9.00.

I ordered the grilled chipotle taco and it was amazing. It had a lot of flavors and it was soft and not too chewy. It was topped with cilantro and had a lot of cheese.

The food came 5 minutes after ordering and it wasn’t a long wait at all. The waitress checked up on our table a lot and made sure we were good.

The noise was not too loud and the bathrooms were clean. They had the TV on with the football game which I liked because I really wanted to watch the game.

Overall I definitely recommend Crush taco especially if you are a taco fan like me.


Mcdonalds-5615 Eldorado Pkwy, Frisco, TX · (214) 705-0935

We’ve been to this fast food restaurant multiple times that’s about a couple of minutes from our house, we didn’t go inside the place because it was about 1 am on Sun, we were coming back from the New Years party and were still a little hungry and decided to get Mcdonalds Fries just fries. 

The 3 different varieties of fries range from the prices of 1.38-1.89 of course the lowest price being small and the largest price is large.

What we ordered that night was 3 Large fries because my sisters and dad wanted fries since they were hungry even after the New Years party and for the time it sounded really good even after checking 3 other places as we were determined 

The service was probably the best we’ve had at the place as the person working the window was really nice, funny and welcoming at the same time, It could have been because he was tired or maybe he’s just a good person but that helped brighten the mood as they were open and made some fresh fries for us to enjoy for the night.

After we had ordered we looked behind and saw about 3 other cars line up and felt a little bad for the employees on the late-night shift as they served one person then more showed up so for that I’d rate it a 5 Star Review.


McDonalds Review- 380 Location, Frisco

For me Mcdonald’s is a restaurant I enjoy revisiting a lot. When I heard of the new opening that was closer to my home, I knew I had to give it a try.

Upon visiting this location, you can tell even before entering that this is one of the newer editions. With the updated fresh and modern design of the restaurant, it draws you inside, allowing you to see the sleek look the inside entails.

Once inside, you are greeted by the ever-so-friendly customer service and the large menu. For a fast-food chain, this Mcdonald’s keeps it cheap, with $1, $2, and $3 dollar menu items followed by combo meals costing around $7-$11 dollars in all. This is a pretty good price range for what you’re getting, considering your meal comes with not only the main item, but a side accompanied with a drink too.

Personally, I am a burger guy, so I went ahead and ordered the Double Quarter Pounder Meal, which contains a burger, french fries, and a drink of your choosing (I chose water).  This is usually my go-to order, and let me tell you, it was AMAZING. The lady handing me my food couldn’t have been any nicer, and when I sat down, everything was nice and fresh. 

After finishing up my meal, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and was welcomed with the sleek look of it all. The bathroom was very clean and nice, adding to the wonderful restaurant.

Overall, this was an amazing experience, and I will be revisiting this location again soon.


HaiDiLao Hot Pot (Frisco, TX)

I have never been anywhere like this. The service was incredible and the atmosphere was booming. You walk in and are almost immediately seated. When you sit down the server gives you a run-down on how the restaurant works and what to do with the iPad they give you.

When you order your food on the iPad it tells you how long to cook the meat when it gets to you and there are so many options. However, if you aren’t too careful, the price starts to add up but for a group of people, the price wouldn’t be too bad to split. After you order, there is a robot that brings your food to you and the servers bring you a selection of soups that you pick from the iPad. You then dip the meat in the soup as a marinade while it cooks for as long as needed.

This place was a great experience for my family and I to get a feel of another culture other than our own. I loved this restaurant but I still think I prefer to have my meat grilled instead of boiled. Overall, I will definitely be going back for more!


Chipotle 1525 US Hwy. 380, 100, Frisco, TX 75034

Today I am going to review chipotle, this is a restaurant that i am very familiar with and used to. The place itself has a modern look and is very clean.

The burritos and burrito bowls(which are their main items) are around 8 to 12 dollars depending on what you get. The price isn’t outrageous and is definitely worth it because of the quality of the ingredients.

I usually order a burrito with brown rice, pinto beans, barbacoa, and pico de gallo, and all ingredients are top tier, especially their tortillas, I usually never really liked tortillas especially when i am eating a burrito and its at the very end and it’s only tortilla, with chipotle’s burrito I could eat it alone and enjoy it because of how soft it is

Most of the workers are teens but they are very nice and respectful,

They serve fast and usually are pleasant while serving, with no complaints about workers.

Their restrooms are clean and overall the place is too, their eating areas are nice and chill and overall pretty good.

I have been going to this place for years and go once or twice a week, definitely recommend.


Hamilton the Musical

I bought tickets to see Hamilton the Musical a couple of months ago, and I was not disappointed when it came time to go. I went with my dad so he drove us. The street that Music Hall at Fair Park was on was completely stopped in traffic so if you plan on going there make sure you leave early. I was scared that we were going to miss the beginning, but we made it in time.

Inside the theatre, the chairs were comfortable and had nice cushioned seats. Visibility was very good even if you are not in seats that are close to the stage. Tickets vary in prices anywhere from $800-$4000. There were security checks and metal detectors at the doors and a lot of staff and security guards. All of the staff was super nice and helped us locate our seats quickly. The bathrooms were nice and clean but there was a small line.  Overall it was a phenomenal experience and I’d love to see more musicals at Music Hall at Fair Park.


Tapatio Taqueria

This place in Carrollton, we have been there a couple of times. The place has no decor much is a simple place, has a small area to eat. Staff is welcoming. 

The most famous dish would be tacos that would go from $3.00 dollars apiece, most of these dishes are between $5.00 – $10.00 depending the size and amount the person gets. 

We ordered fajita tacos, the person there would ask you how many you want in each plate, they come with cilantro, onion, lime, and two different types of salsa green and red. As for drinks they have a variety of drinks the usual sodas or Mexican sodas with a couple of juices but if you want something more refreshing I recommend the jamaica water or if you want something sweeter the horchata water.

I thought people wouldn’t like is they don’t have restrooms.


Chipotle- 4770 Eldorado Pkwy Ste 400, Frisco, TX 75033

I went to Chipotle yesterday evening to place an order for two burrito bowls and chips and queso. The line when I entered the store was fairly long and wrapped around the store, but this chipotle was very impressive as I barely had to wait anytime. As soon as I went in line they made me feel very comfortable and explained to me how to place my order and what they have to offer. I placed my order for two people and surprisingly it all went by so fast and left me very surprised with their fast work ethic. In the end, I paid around $20.00 for both meals, which in my opinion is a good deal for two people plus extra. I went home with fresh warm food for me and my mom and we were very happy with how good the bowls tasted and how nice and fresh the chips and queso were. Overall I would definitely recommend this place for anyone looking to grab a quick and easy meal.


Summer Moon Cafe

This coffee shop located on Main Street has some of the best-iced coffee in Frisco. The ambiance of the place is very nice. The decoration has a rustic/industrial feel to it and it feels very cozy. The menu is a bit complicated to order from, but the staff are always patient and don’t mind taking the time to explain everything. The coffee itself is really good. It’s not 90% ice like iced coffee at other shops and the coffee itself is always very creamy thanks to their Moon Milk, which is a combination of ingredients to create a creamy sweetener. The hot coffee is also good, but in my opinion the iced coffee is better. One complaint is that the menu doesn’t have many options. There isn’t a variety of exciting flavors, but the ones that are there are really good. My favorite is the Blue Moon which is lavender-infused coffee. I would definitely recommend this place. The coffee is around 4-5, dollars around the same price as other places. I would give this place 4 stars.


Chipotle- Frisco


My family and I have been going to chipotle for many years and most of the time we have never been disappointed. The surroundings of our common chipotle, in my words, are safe. It’s right outside of my neighborhood and it is very easy to travel to.

Everyone is definitely felt very welcomed. Great atmosphere! Most of the time we have come across very patient and sweet people. They have taken our detailed orders and precisely prepare it to fulfill our wishes. The food has always been fresh and the meat has never been dry and it’s very flavorful.

Although we have had great times and chipotle, there have been days where have also come across rude and impolite 

Everyone is definitely felt very welcomed. Great atmosphere! Most of the time we have come across very patient and sweet people. They have taken our orders and precisely prepared them to fulfill our wishes.

Although we have had great times at chipotle, there have been days where we have also come across rude and impatient people. To be fair, I think giving them some credit is fair because chipotle takes very complicated and detailed orders. But their job is to not only prepare our order but make us feel comfortable and content. So I would say respect and patience go both ways.. But their job is to not only prepare our order but make us feel comfortable and content. So I would say respect and patience go both ways. Most of the time we have encountered great service and clean surroundings. 

Overall 95% of the time we have felt satisfied with ours order and trip to the restaurant! ****


Spiderman- Frisco

I had never been a huge fan of Spiderman or movies in general, yet I saw the positive reactions from everyone else and thought I should go out and watch it. So I ended up going to see it with a couple of friends.

When I went to the theater in Frisco Tx for the most part it was pretty easy to purchase the ticket upfront. The theater had a wide variety of seats to choose from so my friends and I found seats by each other with ease. The tickets were decently priced ranging from 9-15$ depending on your age, but I didn’t have a problem with it as I knew this was a huge movie we were about to go see.

They also had a pretty big variety of food, drinks, and candy to choose from like Pretzels, Pizza, Nachos, Popcorn, Hot Dogs, and more. I tried the Popcorn and an ICEE which was very tasteful and delicious and I would definitely get it again if I went back.

Although the food was good it was very expensive. With popcorn ranging from 9$-16$ depending on the size and the drinks going from 9$+ which I feel like this could go out of the price range for a lot of people in terms of money, you would want to spend at the movies.

In terms of the movie itself judging from a person who doesn’t typically like to watch a whole lot of movies, I feel like the movie was really good. I feel as if the acting from everyone was very good ad there were great action/fighting scenes that helped and impacted the move significantly.

The only negative thing I could say is my patience with movies is pretty bad, I don’t like really long movies and even though the movie was good three hours is a really long time for any movie. But besides that, the movie as well as the theater was an all-around great experience.