The Hidden yet True Values of Tiktok


Many people, especially adults or elders, may just see tiktok, as another Youtube or even an inappropriate app filled with troublesome teenagers.

But little do people know, it’s a huge coping device, as well as a life saver to many teens, even though it does indeed contain some toxicity.

While, it contains a, “for you page”, filled with things that you, yourself can relate with, or even cope with.

In which, for example, say your feeling sad, you feel like you have no one to talk to, even feeling alone, there may be videos on your for you page, with other people feeling the same way that you are, or people basically telling you, you got this, cheering you up, with a comment section of people, feeling what you feel, making you not feel alone.

While, even say you “like”, someone for example, your fyp could contain people feeling the same way you do, taking the words out of your mouth.

While many people do post videos with words over, talking about their feelings, allowing tiktok to be their vent place, as many people relate with them or even help them in their comments.

While for example one video on tiktok contained a teen girl where she put words over her video saying, “ figuring out who to sit with at lunch gotta be the most stressful thing ever”, while her comment section is filled with other teenagers saying, “so grateful to be online for my senior year”, or “i literally sit alone” and even “i’m sorry if you went to my school you could sit by me”.

Where, as you can see, this teenage girl posts this as a way to cope with it, and allow others to relate with her and even cheer her up.

In which, yes, tiktok has its downsides, to where it causes children to want to mature faster, and raises beauty standards, bringing about many insecurities, or even causes people to do, “dangerous”, challenges, but for the most part, for me and my friends at least, it’s an app that allows us to relate with others, and feel as if we are understood, not being the only ones to feel this way.

It even brings about laughter, as we watch many funny videos as well, like in store pranks, being quite humorous.

To where it even brings new dances to songs, which are always fun to do for the most part.

Where, in conclusion, tiktok has many values that are hidden to parents as well as elders, to where it does indeed in many ways help today’s youth.