OP-ED How Schools are Dealing with this Covid Outbreak


As we already know, a new strand of covid has hit, called omicron, impacting many students & families, as well as teachers.

In which schools are having teacher shortages, to where large masses of teachers have been out, resulting in the school having to hire many subs, to where some teachers have been having to sub for other classes themselves.

In which law, has also stated that only 5 days of quarantine tends to be needed.

Leading to teachers even, if feeling sick, still being forced to come to school, due to those teacher shortages.

To where, who even knows if the covid is still in them or not, the school system proves yet again, that they rather us be in school, protecting, “their money”, where we are primarily doing remote anyways, rather than us able to recover from “covid”, being alone in the safety of our bedrooms, to where if we decided to take a few “covid having sick days”, ourselves, we would then get truancy, due to us wanting to protect ourselves, as well as others.

Where, this covid spread will never end, if we are constantly required to be surrounded by tons of kids a day, who are forced to come to school only after 5 days of having covid.

To where school systems are stating that, “they are doing whatever they can to protect the safety of their students”, but are they, if they are seriously forcing people who can still be contagious with this virus, to come to school?

Stating that, “school helps a child’s mental health”, but honestly, what are you saying, does our mental health just go to an all time low during the summer break, when we have no school?

Because, that’s not a valid excuse, in my opinion at least for this issue.

I know many people that have stated, as well as continue to state that, “School destroys their mental health each and every day”, or that, “they rather be at home where they can not be so exhausted, being able to sleep, doing their work at their own pace”.

Like yes, it’s way easier to learn the material, as well as do the work when at school, because you can get hands-on help.

But to many people it’s just mentally exhausting.

So when school boards or even news officials state that we need to continue in person school (not even looking at the students perspective), because, “it’s safer for students’ mental health”, that is entirely not true, just seeming to be an excuse for them to save money, having us be at school.

Where, it seems like they are doing the bare minimum to me and my friends at least.

I’m not saying we need to quarantine forever, in person school does indeed have a valid importance, I’m just saying that if schools are going to say, “they are doing all that they can”, then prove it because many things show that they really are not.

To where, to me at least, it seems extremely unacceptable, and shocking that after “5 days of quarantine”, having covid, teachers are just being pushed aside, forced to come to school, risking getting their students sick, due to the school board being selfish.

If there are close to no teachers, and we are having a shortage, imagine the students. Doesn’t that say something if we are really that low on staff?