Frisco PD Officer’s Tragic Upbringing Motivates Him to Help Students


 Memorial high school had the chance to listen to motivational speaker, Author and Frisco police officer Broin sims Johnson on January 7th 2022. He told his story from his early life in St. Louis and his struggles to how he changed his life when he became a police officer in Texas. Besides being an officer he gives book tours with an important message to the youth.


“When I finally opened my eyes and realized the new life I was blessed with, I acknowledged that ‘luck’ was finally in my favor. I now had family, friends,and the whole school cheering me on. Everything was different.”


Sims explains that no matter how hard life gets it’s important to keep going to empower yourself and to not allow life to overpower you. Growing up his mom  had abandoned him at 12 years old forcing him to grow up fast and figure out how to live and with the help of his older brother and his cousin he was able to overcome this challenge by moving to Texas.


“ A tough journey that I refused to quit ..when I made it to the top everyone and their doubts had been replaced by my reality as I had the willpower inside of me.”


 Sims believed he could overcome his situation despite feeling that everything was stacked against him from being kicked out of school to homelessness allowed him to graduate highschool, going to police academy, and writing his book  “Reasons beyond myself” gives detail to being open and vulnerable to others in order to allow help from the others around you is a powerful tool to success.


“Thank you to principal Albuquerque and SRO Craig for allowing me to speak to over 2,000 students at Memorial High School throughout the week ! Reasons Beyond Myself is much more than a book, and moments like these allow for a more direct approach to inspiring students to continue forward in life despite the challenges that may come. Great group of students!”


If you want to know more about reasons beyond myself follow the instagram here @reasonsbeyondmyself