Frisco ISD is ‘No’ for off-campus lunch

It’s in the best interest that students in Frisco, ISD should stay on campus for lunch. It’s understood that students would prefer to go to Taco Bell or Chick-fil-a or being off-campus, and eat at a different location or that they are a great driver and they can be responsible to make it back on time.
It’s believed that it is best to stay on campus one of the reasons are we only get 30 minutes of lunchtime, and that is not enough time for a Students to leave campus and go get food and that could cause you to be late to class when you come back.
According to the National Education for statistics indicates that students tardiness occurs at a rate of between 5.3% to 9.3% of each day, and if we had off campus lunch just imagine how many students are gonna be tardy to their classes to their way back. Some students may also want to skip class so the district in Frisco ISD believes is best to stay on campus to eat lunch. Having off-campus lunch can also be dangerous while driving because some teenagers might be in a rush if they see that their time is up and while they’re in the rush that can cause accidents. The district or schools are responsible for ensuring the safety and well being of their students, and having an open campus lunch would make it more difficult to regulate things, where they allow children to leave.
The West Hempstead School District in Nassau, NY, once had an open campus lunch policy that allowed students to walk to local businesses to get something to eat instead of staying for their meal at the cafeteria. There were five students killed in an automotive accident while taking advantage of their off-campus privileges, which caused the local board to shutter this idea for the rest of their 2,600 students in the district. Accident rates for students over the lunch hour are significantly higher for teens where an open lunch policy exists.
In conclusion, and for all these reasons it is best that students in Frisco ISD should stay on campus for lunch.