Encanto movie review



 character rankings


Alma – generational trauma arc was good understood her and why she held her family close 

Mirabel -loved her journey as the protagonist and being the new matriarch at the end 

Bruno – casted out family member had cool reconciliation with everyone later and how he wasn’t what everyone perceived him to be. Loved the song we don’t talk about Bruno.

Dolores-loved the hearing everything idea it was fun especially with how it was incorporated with how  she sang and danced 

Lusia -liked the strong character arc of how breaking under pressure is harmful and learning to relax her song was relatable

Isabella – liked her arc as the perfect one embracing being imperfect and bonding with her sister Mirabel in her song discovering what else she could do with her powers

Felix – very fun can tell he is a great counterpart to Pepa 

Camilo – very funny with his shift shaping power 

Antonio – cute kid loved the hair and representation of black columbians 

Pepa – loved the mood switching with the weather very comical 

based off that personality 

Julieta -liked the healing power she was a classic mother figure 

Marionao – was okay liked how he defended his daughter Mirabel but did not do much after


Encanto was a very good movie. I enjoyed the characters and the family dynamic and how it addressed generational trauma with Alma and how she took responsibility in the end by starting to rebuild the  relationships. loved the songs it was also how I ranked the characters as well as the music moved the plot points. loved how there was no true antagonist and just the family making mistakes and growing from them and how the story was centered on the family. Overall it was a good time.

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