CTE engineering programs offer certifications and licensing


Engineering is a popular career path that students take, offering innovative ideas, higher education, and learning opportunities. The CTE center enhances a student’s ability to progress in the engineering field through certifications.


The CTE engineering classes offer a variety of ways for students to pursue their future endeavors as they decide the best course of action for them. This is accomplished through introductory classes that are test-based and help with college, while others are inventive as their skills are later presented to an engineering board.

“I try to apply things we do to real-life… by the 3rd year students choose what engineering to take, offering aerospace engineering and digital … by the 4th year they pursue it with a year-long project where they solve a problem that is later presented to the board of engineers, Says CTE Intro to Engineering teacher, David Deluca.”

 Intro to Engineering has helped students with their future careers as they are given the tools to document their work while building projects both physical and digital. Giving a great start on their future career paths.

 PLTW Intro to engineering teacher Matthew Eby offers students the opportunity to take certification classes on their own time allowing them to pursue their interests as well as preparing them for college.

“Kids can go offsite and do their own certifications as we provide the opportunity of college credit and at the end of the year students will take an EOC exam and if they pass with an 85% or above they qualify for 3 college credits, Says PLTW engineering teacher Matthew Eby.”

This traditional pathway of learning allows students to focus on college as they prepare to enter engineering programs with credentials that give them the chance to be favorable on college applications. The opportunity that is granted through the CTE center allows room for higher college acceptances for engineering programs

We have the opportunity to do what we are interested in …the CTE center drives creativity and curiosity ”

— Vivek Kagilathota

“Students can get certified through our 3D modeling with AutoDesk Inventor, they can work towards other future-ready components specifically with prototyping with making an invention based on research and solution. Each group works on something unique to them to be independent thinkers and whenever they have a problem they are more motivated to troubleshoot themselves which helps them apply that skill to their courses in job training, Says PLTW engineering teacher Kelly Tungent.”  

Students are encouraged to be innovative thinkers as they grow into their future job professions as engineers. They have the confidence and skill set with a wide range of field programs they could enter and enjoy.

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“We have the opportunity to do what we are interested in with problem-solving and overall the engineering program at the CTE center drives creativity and curiosity and I have joined and been in it since sophomore year, Says engineering student Vivek Kagilathota.” 

The Engineering classes at the CTE Center can give students proper certifications for their future prospects.

For more information about Engineering courses visit the FISD course catalog