Children in Poverty Q&A


In the U.S. 1 child in 6 lives in poverty compared to 1 in 8 adults. That’s 11.9 million impoverished children in the U.S. Where, many people don’t see this as a problem, they see it as, “it is what it is”. When it’s honestly a huge issue, it breaks my heart, that some children have to live without any of these huge necessities. Many people view it differently, but I view it as completely and utterly terrible, and it hurts me to see this occur. Whereas, I’m going to ask a few questions, to gather the public’s view on this issue, rather than just mine. Interviewing, 17 year old, Alexa Eason & 18 year old, Zainab Amir.

How do you view poverty occurring within children? Elaborate.

AEA: I view poverty as terrible on its own, but especially with children. I think no child should have to endure that at such a young age. It’s truly heartbreaking to see so many children in poverty.

ZA: I view poverty as one of the most dreadful things that an individual suffers through. It is upsetting to see children going through something that they do not have control over. A lot of people do not reflect on poverty but it is a huge problem. 

How accurate are commonly held stereotypes about poverty? What are some that you know of?

AEA: I believe that some stereotypes are true to an extent, but most are false. I think that most people see poverty as people who are lazy or just want money when in reality some people have no control over their circumstances. It’s sad to say but so many people are born into poverty.

ZA: I feel like some stereotypes about poverty are true but the majority are false. Some that I know of are that poor people are lazy and they just want to get money instead of earning. Some people do that but not all. I know some people think that some poor people scam but in reality, some people do not have control over anything. It does not matter how much they try, they cannot earn money so they have to ask for it. As a human being, it is our responsibility to help our fellow human beings for the sake of humanity. 

If you could do anything to lessen the rate of poverty, or even allow a child in poverty to have a meal, what would you do?

AEA: I would most definitely try and help out in any ways possible to lessen the rate of poverty and if a child needed a meal that I was aware of I would try my best to get them one.

ZA: I would probably donate to people who actually deserve it. I would suggest paying an amount to a restaurant each month or something to feed poor people. 

Have you seen a situation where a child was without some specific necessities, how did you react? Explain.

AEA: I have seen a child without certain necessities such as clothing and food when I go to Chicago. It honestly makes me feel so upset that not everyone is as fortunate as I am, so I try to donate or give a meal whenever I see them.

ZA: I personally try to donate as much as I can. I feel having access to basic needs and resources should be everyone’s right regardless of their ethnicity or status which includes poverty. I try to help people as much as I can. I normally fix an amount and donate every month. I try to donate 10% of what I earn and put 20% in savings. One time there was a family outside of Lowes, it was cold and the kid did not have a jacket to wear and Walmart was close by so I went and bought a new jacket for that child. I personally believe that we should help poor people and if someone is lying about being poor then it is between them and God. We did our part by helping them.

What great views, those were, extremely moving. Poverty for children is quite common, hurting them in everyday life. While, there are many ways we can help, with one being, donating to charities that are provided to help children that are in poverty, such as, “Save The Children”, which helps children all around the world, that are experiencing the unfortunate ways of poverty.  Where, I as an individual, am distraught with the circumstances of poverty. Where, I’ll even just watch all these poverty driven social experiments on YouTube, where actors will act as if they are in poverty, being children or even adults. Where, people will sometimes just walk by, glare, insult them and ignore them. Imagine how inhumane these poverty experiencers must feel, being seen as an outcast, having no one to talk to, being ignored due to your sometimes uncontrollable circumstances, it’s truly heartbreaking. With, on the rare occasion some people, buying them a meal, smiling, but what truly moved me in some of these were how, sometimes the “poverty actors”, would act as if they are homeless children, going to a “middle class” person, asking for a meal or money, and they would ignore them or glare. But, when these children asked POOR and HOMELESS people for spare change or anything, they’d sigh and say yes, they’d help them out, because they know what it’s like, they most of the time don’t want someone suffering the way they do. Children don’t choose the ways of poverty, I doubt their parents do either, it’s just a misfortune, anything can really be the driving cause of it, no one chooses this way of life.