Ukrainian Forces Maintain Shaky Hold on Capital Amidst Barrage of Attacks


Kyiv, Ukraine– The images look something straight out of a World War 2 documentary. The battle-stricken city of Kyiv, is littered with rubble, tanks and fiercely determined Ukrainian forces as Ukraine fights to keep control of the capital from the Russian military.


The fight for the capital comes after Russia’s invasion into the neighboring country, which was formerly part of the Soviet Union. The intrusion, which began on early Thursday, has brought on an onslaught of sanctions and forewarned repercussions on the Russian economy and citizens. These acts, which consequences are already being felt by Russians, are being enforced by countries across the globe to show international support for Ukraine and to isolate Russia from all other relationships. 


Despite this, the Russian army has continued to close in on the capital. The vastly-larger Russian forces have rained down heavy bombing and shelling in multiple cities in an attempt to topple the native government. Despite this, the ferocious response from both the Ukrainian military and everyday Ukrainians continue to halt Russia’s occupation of the city.


The Russia-Ukraine conflict has the entire world on high alert as every country, its people and their leaders remain on edge for what event will unfold next.