Zelensky Makes Emotional Plea to Congress


WASHINGTON- Ukrainian President Zelensky Volodymyr invoked heavy emotions in his stirring address to Congress on Wednesday. With Russia’s continuous bombardment on Ukrainian cities, Congress was the latest audience to Zelensky’s request of a no-fly zone. 


President Zelensky’s desire to have a no-fly zone comes after weeks of Russian bombing. Ukrainian forces continue to hold up a determined front as intense fighting takes place in Mykolaiv, Kyryvi Rih, Izium, among others. The war continues to inflict tragedy and death on Ukraine, partly in relation to the Russian air force’s rain of destruction. 


Coming after all of this, Zelensky has been meeting with Western leaders around the world to discuss establishing a no-fly zone. A no-fly zone is where certain aircraft are banned from flying in a designated area. Talks on acting on Zelensky’s request are conflicting, as some view it as a crucial buffer to Russian forces while others worry this will just elevate the situation. 


The Ukraine-Russia war has been a source of horrific atrocities and tragic loss of life. Regardless of the solutuion, the conclusion of a a free Ukrain remains a unanimous goal between all allied western powers.