Three House Democrats Offer Plan to Combat Gas Prices


As gas prices continue to accelerate across the world, three House Democrats have introduced a bill that would provide Americans with monthly direct payments throughout 2022. This would only apply while prices remain exponentially high. 


Reps. Mike Thompson of California and Lauren Wood of Illinois, along with John Larson of Connecticut stated their plan this week. With the national gas prices averaging $4 a gallon or above, those behind the bill hope to provide $100 monthly checks to individuals and $200 to couples to couples. In addition, households could claim an extra $100 for every dependent claimed on their tax returns (Insider). 


In a statement, Representative Thompson said in a statement, “Americans are feeling the impact at the pump of Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, and right now we must work together on commonsense policy solutions to ease the financial burden that my constituents are feeling.” 


The bill will face considerable challenges in the face of almost entirely-ensured GOP resistance and possible objections by fellow Democrats. It also suffers from trying to help an issue that is dependent on a very conflicted and unpredictable situation.


As the situation between Ukraine and Russia continues to escalate, the suggestions to negate the consequences will likewise continue to mount.