HOSA Students Sweep State For Concussion Awareness


Tavieon Neasman, Charlotte Bailey, and Neha Chand stand in front a health science class, about to launch into their concussion lecture.

High school seniors, Neha Chand, Charlotte Bailey, and Tavieon Neasman, visit health science classes as a HOSA (Health Occupational Student of America) effort to educate students about concussions. 


Their campaign, “Combating Concussions”, stemmed from personal experiences as they drew inspiration for their HOSA competition. 


They began their seminar with a pre-quiz on google forms to test the student’s knowledge of what they already knew about concussions. Once that was completed, they moved on to the more hefty part of the afternoon – a formal presentation of the science behind the malady. 


“This is the most tedious part guys, we’ll get through it”, Chand promises with a grin as she delves into explaining sodium-potassium pumps. 


After debriefing the causes, symptoms, and remedies for concussions, the team began their interactive activity to offer a whole rounded learning experience. Students were broken into groups based on their table, were offered an egg, and were told that they had to devise a plan to keep the eggshell from cracking when it would be thrown off a set of stairs. 


The 3B health science class were provided with materials such as balloons, wrapping paper, styrofoam, and shredded paper to shelter the egg as much as possible during the stimulus. 


“ I’m going to cover the egg with a wet sponge so it absorbs it,” says junior Ethan Ang, “I feel really confident about it”. 


Eggs were thrown off upstairs C hall (leaving only a few unscathed) and lessons were learned which students were able to reflect in a survey at the end of the seminar. Once they presented the research and feedback from this lesson, Neasman, Bailey, and Chand were able to advance to state to compete in Galveston alongside other HOSA fellows. 


“I’m really excited for state especially since we didn’t get to go in person the past few years,” Bailey says. 


Be on the lookout for state results on March 22!