My experience at the 1st Broadcast Competition


I had the chance to compete in the first annual media broadcast competition. I had an invigorating time as I have been a part of the school newspaper for 3 years as a staff writer and Managing Editor,I produced an interactive online multimedia story.

 I was given a topic I was unfamiliar with, interviewed experts on opportunities offered through the CTE center for engineering and produced an article that was engaging and informative. I was able to stay motivated and keep my calm during the stressful time of getting the angle of the story with a clear focus using all of my skills and what I knew to create a timely article.

I dressed to impress and felt like a news reporter with the FISD all access badge. Interviewing and talking with the students and teachers who were apart of the engineering programs really helped me gather a story on what the CTE can really do for students futures as it helps them prepare for the career fields they wanted to pursue and take on. 

I believe my first time competing went well as I had a good time representing the Memorial Media team as I have learned so much and I would not trade this experience for anything as I got a taste of what it is like competing with other journalists.

Want to get a better grasp of the story I wrote for the competition? click the article below