Upcoming Games at Memorial


This upcoming week provides Warriors the chance to show their Memorial pride through several sports events. 


Tonight on April 19th come support the baseball and softball teams at Memorial High school during their games. The Varsity baseball team goes against Independence at the Memorial baseball field from 7-9pm. The softball Memorial game takes place from 5:30 -9:30pm at Independence High school.


Coming off that, Wednesday observes two baseball games featuring our Warriors. The first of the two will see the JV2 Memorial Baseball team facing off with Emerson at Emerson’s home campus. The second game pushes the unstoppable forces of the JV Memorial baseball team to take on Independence in our own campus baseball field. 


Friday will provide another chance for Memorial athletes to showcase their skills in a variety of games. The first is our JV baseball team versus Independence baseball team which is scheduled to take place at Frisco Independence High School from 4:30 to 7:00 PM. Coming off their performance on Wednesday, Emerson and JV2 baseball will compete against each other once more at the Memorial Baseball Field. Finally, the female warriors will get a chance to shine in their game with the Heritage softball team scheduled to occur at the Memorial campus.