The Story of the Menendez Brothers


As you may already know, years ago, boys, Lyle & Erik Menendez killed their parents, getting prison for life.

But, do you know the true backstory, why they did it?

It’s very sad, as well as tragic once you know the true backstory.

It turns out that they killed their parents because they were emotionally, physically, and sexually abused.

Their father would sexually assault Lyle beginning from when he was at the age of 6.

He wouldn’t stop, their parents were too powerful & rich that the brothers believed that there was nothing they could do to stop it

When the brothers were younger, one of them brought home a pet rabbit from school, wanting to keep the rabbit.\

The dad primarily didn’t like that, in which he is said to have strangled the rabbit to death, having the brothers find it in the trash can, causing them to be very traumatized, as well as upset.

 The brothers were continuously degraded all their lives and harmed, being shown no mercy.

In which, Erik, later on, went away, on a trip, causing their father, to only have Lyle to abuse, hurting him non-stop.

Whereas Erik and his brother were protective of one another so when Erik came back, he attempted to stick up to their father, concluding in the father getting a knife and shoving it in his throat, terrifying them even more, feeling as if they are in danger.

With the mother just standing by and letting this happen, even doing some things sexually herself and degrading the boys as well, in which she did have depression and suicidal thoughts, but that is no excuse for this type of treatment.

Which, led, the brothers to want to run away, but, they knew that if they tried, wherever they went, their parents were so powerful and they would find them.

Concluding in them,  then deciding that they had no choice but to kill their parents.

They showed up to their house with a gun and shot them. Leading to Lyle, then calling the cops saying someone killed their parents, with them being in the clear for a while, spending their parent’s fortune.

But then, Lyle told his psychologist the truth, concluding in the psychologist then telling the cops, having the 2 go through several trials, being accused of killing their parents due to wanting their money, the judge barely listened to what the parents did.

They were sentenced to life and put in separate prisons from one another in 1996. With them over 20 years later, in 2018, finally reuniting and being put together in the same prison.

Lyle now, in prison, is in a group against sexual assault, they are also helping paint a moral, being quite good people behind the bars.

Now, why is this being brought up recently if it was years ago?

Well, recently tons of teens on TikTok have been demanding a retrial, wanting them to be served justice and saved, in which that request is said to possibly be granted due to new evidence being discovered.

Many people believe this was a case of self-defense.

Now never is murder ok, but in this case, even I believe it can be declared as self-defense due to the years of suffering they have gone through.

They did get several years of prison for their actions like they deserved yes, for killing.

But, I guess the truth will later reveal itself, in which they get a possible retrial.

For more information on this matter, you can watch their trials, documentaries & even news articles online.