Is Dr. Pepper better than Coke?

Dr. Pepper had its origins here in our very own Waco, Texas when Charles Alderton, a pharmacist working at Morrison’s Old Corner drug store attempted to recreate the smell of a drug store in a drink. After numerous mixtures of fruit syrups, he finally found the perfect combination. It was eventually sold in 1885 and was an instant hit. It found its popularity at the 1904 St Louis Fair where millions were introduced to the “oldest major soft drink in America”. What many people don’t know is that Dr. Pepper was named after Doctor Charles Pepper, the father of a girl Alderton was once infatuated with. 

A year after the first Dr. Pepper was sold, a new soda brand emerged a couple of states over we all now know and love known as Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola originated in Atlanta, Georgia by a local pharmacist named John Pemberton. Pemberton  By combining carbonated water and a special new syrup. the first bottle was eventually sold for 5 cents on May 8th, 1886. During its first year on the market, “sales averaged a modest nine drinks per day.”

According to a survey, 56% of students at Memorial High School have a preference for Coca-Cola while the other 44% prefer Dr. Pepper. When faced with a choice between the two which do you prefer?

Dr. Pepper vs Coca-Cola: which do you prefer?

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