LSU Defeats Iowa in the NCAA Women’s Championship


Through a hard and rough journey, the LSU Tigers(34-2) finally conquered their mission by defeating the Iowa Hawkeyes(31-7) 102-85 to win the NCAA Women’s National Championship. Through the past week both teams knew the hard fought battle they would be getting into and it’s safe to say that they were all correct because tensions were very high on both sides of the court.

With LSU coming off a malicious win with Virginia Tech (79-72) they knew they had some work to do facing off against, what some would say, is one of the greatest women’s players we’ve seen in recent years.“If Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi had a baby, it’ Caitlyn Clark,” says Holly Rowe, sports reporter. 

“You’re a generational player,” Coach Kim Mulkey tells Caitlyn Clark. 

With all the noise surrounding Caitlyn Clark, LSU knew they were coming in as the underdog even though they had the better record. People were doubting the very talented LU team and they didn’t take the disrespect very lightly, and Angel Reese( star player for LSU) let that be known.

 During the 4th quarter with the game coming to a close, Angel Reese would walk up to Caitlyn Clark taunting her with the “you can see me” celebration as well as the “ring me” celebration, the same celebration Caitlyn would do in her previous tournament games.

With built up tensions from the game and everyone around the world being able to watch these two teams clash and go head to head; The NCAA Women’s Final Four would peak at a combined 11 million viewers bringing more people together to find out how great women’s basketball is. It’s bigger than basketball!