The Unsung Heroes, The Swim Team


Gracie Fillet

When you think of swimming, you think of playing in a pool, doing flips in the water that you could never do on land, and having competitions with your friends to see who can hold their breath the longest. Competitive swimming on the other hand, is so much more.

Swimming in high school is not a largely known fact. However, the unknown swim team is really rocking in the pool. Coach Lauren Nightingale has been leading our mighty swim team all year up to now. The most recent meet was TISCA, a qualified meet where swimmers and divers need to make specific times to be able to compete in the meet. This year, due to ineligibility brought on by grades, some swimmers weren’t able to compete, however Coach Nightingale made the team work.

At TISCA, Memorial’s most prominent swimmers Jolynn Yeh and Gracie Fillet, as well as Andrew Guziec, Xander Santos, Will O’Brien, and Aldrich Elvambuena, competed last Friday and Saturday in their strongest events. Boy’s 400 Freestyle relay made it to finals on Saturday and placed fourth out of sixteen teams overall.

This isn’t the only time the Memorial swimmers have been exceptional. Throughout the year, the boys team have been coming in third out of ten and the girls team have been in the top six throughout the season. Coach Nightingale is proud to say that this team has made great improvements from the beginning of the season and gave some insight on what it’s like being the new coach.

“It’s been a great experience to kind of get to create a new team and a new culture and build it all together,” Coach Nightingale says.

We spoke with Coach Nightingale on improvements the team could do and the answer: more swimmers. “We need more people, I’d like the word to get out,” Nightingale says. For more information on how the swim team is doing, you can visit In Coach Nightingale’s own words, “swim is really awesome!”