Things to Do While at Home

Gracie Fillet

March 27, 2020

Are you bored? Stuck at home with nothing to do? Has your screen time gone up exponentially as you stare at your phone for hours on end trying to escape boredom? Are you trying to figure out what else to do but just can’t think of anything as you practice social distancing during this pandemic? Well you’re in luck because a list of things to do while at home has been made for you! Try painting. According to Fox Hill Residences, painting boosts memory recollection skills, helps to sharpen the mind through conceptual visualization, and improves creative skills. It can also serve as a stress relief to some degree in people, which  seems pretty important during this time of struggle. Besides brain and health be...

COVID-19 in Frisco

Gracie Fillet

March 20, 2020

As of March 20th, there are 136 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in North Texas. 51 cases have been found in Dallas and a combined 9 cases have been found in Collin and Denton county of Frisco. Last week students of Memorial High School were enjoying their Spring Break before the floods of emails from teachers and the principal gave the announcement that school would be closing. Parents who can, have been asked to work from home. During this week, Frisco has become a ghost town. Schools, places of work, and stores have been closed to prevent the spread of the contagious coronavirus. Driving down Preston on a Monday around 5 o’clock means traffic. Driving to the Stonebriar mall on a Saturday usually means no parki...

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Journalism Mac & Cheese Debate

March 5, 2020

Transitioning to College Q&A

Gracie Fillet

March 3, 2020

High School is the final step on the path to college. For some, it’s in a few months and for others it's still four years away. Whether you’re a senior or a freshman, the thought about going to college is scary, exciting, and also very unknowing. One thing that we are always told is that college may be different for everyone, but it is an experience. I was lucky enough to have an interview with freshman Andres Medina who currently attends Collin College with a major in Computer Aid and Technical Drafting to get to know his experience so far as a college student.     Q: Were you scared to go to college? If you were, why? AM: Yeah I would say I was. It was new territory, like going to a new schoo...

Memorial Media Reviews

Haniya Ali

February 13, 2020

Barney’s Brunch House is a local brunch restaurant located in McKinney, TX. I have been there countless times and I am always pleasantly surprised by how delightful the food and service is. It took 20-25 minutes to be seated due to the restaurant always being busy. I recently ordered the classic French toast with a side of waffle fries and a glass of iced sweet tea. The French toast was warm and flavorful and was served with whipped butter as well as maple syrup, however, it tasted slightly of eggs. The waffle fries were crispy and savory, and the sweet tea was very refreshing. It took a bit longer to get served, however, the employees were very friendly and the order was correct. The restaurant was very clean...

The Coronavirus

Gracie Fillet

February 12, 2020

Recently a rapidly evolving disease known as the Coronavirus is spreading throughout the world. A numerous number of people have been affected and many people have expressed their concerns about what kind of epidemic this evolving health concern will lead to. This is what you need to know. Coronaviruses are extreme cases of common colds and other upper respiratory infections. This particular virus is known as zoonoses which means that they infect animals which can then pass onto another. In some particular cases, it can spread to humans, which it now has. The virus started when China reported a group of cases of viral pneumonia to the World Health Organization (WHO) in late December 2019. A majority of the people that were sick ha...

Phones Distract

Phones Distract

February 5, 2020

How long has it been since you’ve looked at your phone? one minute, maybe two? You could be reading this on your phone as we speak. In today’s up-to-date and speedy society phones have very quickly taken a cozy place in people’s lives. As their companion, anxiety sponge, and most important item. They are very useful indeed, however, do they do more harm than good? In regards to the safety and health of our youth and current students, I believe they can cause more serious long term effects and ...

Inside the Mind Behind “Shattered Dreams”

Inside the Mind Behind “Shattered Dreams”

January 27, 2020

Kaylyn Wilson, a senior here at Memorial, has been diligently working on perfecting the tiny details of our very own Shattered Dreams film. Not only is she full of passion and energy for the tedious project, she is also taking this opportunity to prepare herself for a future as a director. “I have to be adaptable and flexible and ready for something that’s gonna mold me and give me this experience” says Wilson,  “it’s getting me ready for my future career since I really want to go i...

Review: Lady Bird

Gracie Fillet

January 23, 2020

Lady Bird (2017)  Greta Gerwig’s solo directorial debut is a phenomenal coming of age story about a vibrant, strong-willed girl as she goes through her first love, first heartbreak, and truths behind what it means to be popular all wrapped up in an hour and 35 minute emotional cyclone. Set in Sacramento, CA, Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson (Saoirse Ronan) is a high school senior with dreams about going to a college in “a city with culture” and ultimately leaving her hometown despite her mother’s feelings towards it due to financial struggles. In typical teenage fashion, Lady Bird ditches her best friend Julie (Bernie Feldstein) to be able to become friends with the most popular people (Timothée ...

Shattered Dreams is Hitting Close to Home

Lauren Adkins

January 23, 2020

The tragedies that have occurred from teen drinking and driving are shocking. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:  -Motor Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death from people 15 to 20 years old (2003) -In 2002, 3,827 drivers 15 to 20 years old were killed, and an additional 324,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes in the US. 29% of these teen drivers had been drinking. -About 3/10 Americans will be involved in an alcohol related auto crash in their lives.   The consequences that so many have faced from the irresponsibility of so many young individuals is made a personal reality in Shattered Dreams, a two-day program designed to educate students, parents, and...

Lonestar High School Scare

Lauren Adkins

November 13, 2019

  On November 13th, 2019, Lonestar High School was under close watch in the hours of 9am-10am. Students reported a student had been showing off what appeared to be his gun on the bus on the way to school. About 2,000 students were put into a mandatory lockdown and lockout drill until further notice, and around 15 police cars could be seen surveying the perimeter of the school. The surrounding schools- Stafford Middle School, and Phillips Elementary School- also followed the lockdown protocol as an extra precaution. At 10:20 a.m., Frisco PD released a statement saying the issue had been “resolved”, but without any other explanation. The student in question has been located, and no one was harmed.  This...

Veterans Day Tribute

November 11, 2019