MHS Student Council Voting Today, May 15th

MHS Student Council Voting Today, May 15th

May 15, 2020

Here is the link; you have until 5:00 pm to make your voice heard.

Pakistan Finds Eco-Friendly Way to Tackle Unemployment

Kelsey Byrd, Staff writer

May 4, 2020

One of the infinite number of consequences correlated to the COVID-19 crisis is the rise in unemployment from professions across the globe. The sheer amount of job loss has already rattled once-sturdy economies and has threatened looming recessions on other countries. This stark effect of an even a starker causation proved to be mountable in the face of Pakistani determination however, as the country launched an ingenious way to negate the incline of unemployment. This April, Pakistan hired thousands of recently laid-off laborers to help plant trees to assist the 10 Billion Trees project.   In 2014, the Billion Tree Tsunami was launched by the Pakistani government. The goal was to help replenish the nation...

'Stolen Dreams'

‘Stolen Dreams’

May 1, 2020

When Shattered Dreams was canceled, the senior Video Production team was very disappointed that they could not follow through on getting the important message across to students about the devastating consequences of drinking and driving. Through a lot of hurdles, hard work, communication, and perseverance, the team of talented directors, producers, writers, and actors pressed onward to finish a film that seemed otherwise unfinishable. Directed by Kaylyn Wilson and produced by Zachary Wilkerson,...

Scientists’ Discovery Could Save Great Coral Reef

Kelsey Byrd, Staff writer

April 27, 2020

The groundbreaking discovery comes from a group of researchers in The Florida Aquariam’s Center for Conservation in Apollo Beach. In a collaborative effort to save the endangered reef, scientists were able to grow ridged cactus coral in human care. This is an unprecedented achievement, being as it has been extremely difficult for researchers to be able to even study coral. “We are losing coral species faster than we can learn about them,” senior coral scientist at the Florida Aquarium Keri O'Neill told CNN. Nevertheless, this April the impossible was rendered possible as scientists were not only able to reproduce ridged cactus coral, but record the process on video to help whereas previously there was no photos,...

Swiss Man Shows Support for the World in Mind-Blowing Projections

Kelsey Byrd, Staff writer

April 20, 2020

It’s a breath-taking sight to behold. Utop the grand Matterhorn mountain on one of it’s devine peaks, is splayed the dazzling projection of the American flag. A rich red colors the visible stripes and the sparkling white stars stand-out beautifully in parallel to the solid somber blue of the sky laid out behind the mountain. The snow that coats the Matterhorn makes the flag look powerful, invincible in the face of a devastating blizzard. The image of the flag itself may be simple, but the emotions it evokes and the message behind it are anything but. The Swiss village behind the deed tells the world one meaningful sentiment- ‘We are with you.’   Starting on the night of March 24, light artist Gerry Hofstetter...

Teens Find Inventive Way to Help Seniors

Kelsey Byrd, Staff writer

April 14, 2020

Times like these, where everything is unprecedented, uncertain and devastating, people’s true colors are exposed. In the face of disaster and pandemonium, people turn to their outlet of expression to deal with the stress of the situation. Some have their anxieties manifest into an ugly shade of racism and bigotry, welding accusations to help fend off the possibility of vulnerability. Others, however, turn to kindness and empathy to help bridge an isolated world. The latter of which is the case for a group of Canadian high schoolers, who banded together to launch a hotline for contact-deprived seniors.     The project, fittingly titled Joy4All, was led by students in the Calgary district. Upon calling 1-8...

The World Stands Still

The World Stands Still

April 6, 2020

The World Stood Still   Around January, a mysterious new respiratory illness began to spread rapidly throughout China. At first, through its ambiguity, little was known about it other than it mirrored symptoms of pneumonia and was suspected to have originated from one of Wuhan´s wet markets, a birthplace of the previous SARS epidemic. In an effort to quell the growing inevitability of spread, the city of Wuhan was closed in hope that disease would not escape China's borders. Then in ...

One World, Under Coronavirus

Kelsey Byrd, Staff writer

April 6, 2020

Just a few months prior, discussions about Shakira and JLo’s provocative Super Bowl performance, Trump’s latest scandalous tweet or who did the poorest in the latest Democratic debate were all frequent talking points in households across America. Now every story not coronavirus related has been put on hold, allowing for constant coverage of the always-evolving situation regarding COVID-19. During these trying times however, countries have also placed on hold their biases and previous tensions in order to aid those who need it most.    Russia started off April with an act of goodwill as they sent a cargo plane full of medical supplies to the US. Such supplies included face masks, medical gowns and hospit...

Quarantined Blogs - A look into the life of a teen during the Covid 19 Crisis

Quarantined Blogs – A look into the life of a teen during the Covid 19 Crisis

April 2, 2020

Tanvi Nair- Quarantined at Home March 23 One of my favorite things about online school is that you have more time to do activities you like after finishing assignments in the morning. Today my sister and I decided to bake a chocolate cake from scratch(which we've never done before) along with some homemade buttercream frosting! I also like to do other activities such as watching Netflix or go on my phone and chat with my friends because we’re isolated. I like that ...

Make Madagascar Green Again

Kelsey Byrd, Staff writer

March 30, 2020

The nation of Madagascar turned 60 on March 29, and to celebrate, the people of the country exemplified unity in acts of environmentally-driven goodness. To honor the biodiversity and nature that is the pulse of the land, the government held a ceremony where people would come to plant trees in an attempt to revive the natural beauty of Madagascar that has been jeopardized by deforestation efforts.  The goal is to plant a million trees for each of the six decades that the country has been established. The product, however, is even more profound than that, for just as the seeds are being spread throughout the land, so are feelings of connectivity as the people join together to do something magical.    Efforts...

The People of China Continue to Persevere

Kelsey Byrd, Staff writer

March 27, 2020

On March 17, early in the morning, so early that the sky still is painted black from a lingering night, forty-three medical workers load buses to return to their homes in the Shaanxi Province. It marks the end of their journey in Wuhan, a journey marked by unmeasurable heroics and profound bravery as doctors and nurses helped combat the deadly spread of COVID-19 in the birthplace of the virus. While far from over, the crisis in Wuhan has abated to an extent that some of those who came from distances long and far to help Wuhan no longer have to give their assistance. While the bus pulls out of the hospital driveaway, some of the medical workers begin to sing as tears belonging to an indescribable emotion cascade down their face...