• Presidential Inauguration set for January 20, 2021
  • Payment for AP exams are due February 19
  • News on FISD Covid-19 can be found at friscoisd.org
  • The Shield's "Love is Love" Writing Contest open until February 7!
Kat Ramkumar

Kat Ramkumar, Design Editor / Staff Writer

Hey! My name is Kathambari Ramkumar and I'm a junior at Memorial. I am also a Managing Designer/Editor, on our MHS site called, The Shield. I am extremely passionate about writing in general, ranging from short stories to newspaper articles. Being a part of newspaper is an amazing opportunity since I am able to spread knowledge and information to a wide range of audience. I also extremely enjoy reading (Water for Elephants), playing piano and just hanging around. I hope The Shield proves to be a trustworthy and impactful to you, just as it us to us.

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