Canvas Lends a Helping Hand

The more teachers use canvas the more benefits we see.

Canvas benefits students a lot, especially when they are absent and need to catch up or even review a lesson. When students are absent, canvas allows them to go see exactly what they missed so they can address their teacher about it. Also, when you don’t completely grasp a concept canvas allows you to look back on previous lessons from your teacher.

Although many say canvas is difficult and not “user friendly,” that’s only because canvas is a new software for everyone. When teachers get familiarized with it canvas will be more organized. If you can’t find something on canvas just ask your teacher to find it easier. Typically most things are separated in tabs that are labeled.

Additionally, Canvas is easy to access – it even has a mobile app you can download.  50 percent of student respondents indicated they used a mobile device to access Canvas, and that the ability to use Canvas on a smartphone or tablet was a significant advantage.

In conclusion canvas is a great tool for students. It may have some flaws, but teacher only need time to get to know it better; no one is perfect.