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The Home of Memorial High School News

The Home of Memorial High School News

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The Home of Memorial High School News

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The Curse of the Metherok

A Work of Fiction

The Curse of the Metherok

According to legends passed down for centuries there once was a civilization of people called the Vetus. The people dabbled in the cursed magic of the dead and sought to become the masters of life. Their greatest creation was the Metherok, a creature that inhabited the bodies of the dead and controlled them. But they didn’t understand the full extent of what they’d created. The creature not only animates the dead but also projects the fears of the living. They couldn’t control it nor destroy it so they sought to trap it.

They imprisoned the monster in a tomb of pure obsidian inscribed with ruins of binding. The elders of the village hid the tomb in the land never to be found again. But half of the monster’s soul escaped into one of the bodies. And swore to regain the other half of its soul. As time went on the people of Vetus were wiped out by a famine and replaced by more groups of people and the monster lived among them. Switching bodies as they started to deteriorate.

In 2018 a new place was built, it was named Memorial High School. And after all this time the monster’s hunt continued. The tomb was nowhere to be found. The Metherok found a new body, this time it was an adolescent boy with curly hair and blue eyes. The creature let go of its previous body, a middle aged woman and grabbed hold of the boy’s.

It searched the boy’s pockets and found the tiny magic box. Swiping up and clicking the yellow box with the white blob learned the boy’s name was Cameron Fisher. The creature left the graveyard and walked for hours until it found a big orange building. It entered and found many passages filled with doors. The boy opened the door and the room was filled with adolescents and one adult man.

“Are you Cameron Fisher, young man?”

“Yes.” the boy whispered.

“Welcome to the class! We’ve been expecting you and make sure to be here at nine next time ok?” the man asked.


“Not much of a talker eh. Well go ahead and take a seat next to Billy.” He said as he pointed to a boy a similar age to Cameron.

The monster moved the boy to the chair next to Billy and sat down. The man started talking again and drew strange symbols on the board with a black and white stick. Then a while later a ringing sound filled the room.
The boy sitting next to them, Billy, said, “Hey, we have all of our classes together, you can follow me so you don’t get lost.”

The creature was intrigued by this for it had never searched this place before. “Yes, I will,” the boy said in a hushed tone.

Then they followed Billy out the door to the next class. Then advisory, and lunch. Billy showed them where to get food and they sat together on a long piece of wood.

“Yo what up Bill Gates!” yelled one of the boys sitting close to us.

“Is that the new guy?” said another.

“Yep,” said Billy “But you’ll only get a whispered yes from him.”

A boy across from them said “Well I was doing some research on this school to get some information and stumbled on this interesting theory. Apparently in the courtyard under the cement in the center there’s a passage that leads somewhere underground.”

“What’s in it?” Billy said.

“No one knows for sure but some people say there’s a treasure that’s thousands of years old,” said the boy.”

The others exchanged glances at each other. “Hmm, this sounds cool but it could get us in a lot of trouble.”

“Don’t worry I’m sure the school will get damaged at some point so why wait now. We’ll go tonight and pretend nothing happened the next day.”

“If you guys will do it I’m in.”

“Count me in too.” “Will you go Cameron?” asked Billy.

“Yes,” the boy murmured looking at his lunch tray.

This could be its chance! To find the missing part and deliver its revenge. The boys went through the rest of the day feeling nervous and exhilarated by what they would do and what they would find. Midnight came and they entered the courtyard. With sledge hammers in hand they began smashing against the center of the school. After a while the cement gave away to a stairway covered in cement flakes.

“This is it!” Billy whispered excitedly.

The boys went down the stairs in single file. The passage was cold and dark, luckily one of the boys had a flashlight. Down they went deeper and deeper into the void of rock and stone. The passage ended and opened up into a room filled with stone carvings.

The boys walked up to one of the walls and tried to figure out the image. While the others were distracted the monster moved the boy to the center of the room. There sat an ancient tombstone made from obsidian covered in a thick layer of dust. This was it! The missing part, the rest of its power, its soul. The boy pushed the lid until it fell off the tomb with a resounding CRACK. The boys turned around to see Cameron face first in the tomb. The monster greedily sipped up its missing soul. Feeling empowered as it drank more.

Then the boy got up and looked at the others. “What was that man,” said one of them.

Then Cameron’s skin started to shrivel and decay until only a pile of bones was left. The boys stumbled over each other to get away then stopped at the sound of a voice. It was old, and each word crackled like a fire.

“Ah, it feels so good to be free. I started to worry I’d never find it. Thank you all for your help. Now I’d like to return the favor.”

Using its regained power the creature trapped the boys in an eternal nightmare that they can never escape for death shall never be granted. To this day you can still hear their screams from the curse of the Metherok.

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