Why We Need Mandatory Advisory

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High School students in Frisco ISD are required to attend advisory, which is a short class between second and third period, on every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. However, many have complained about it, saying it is unnecessary and they instead should be able to go to tutorials or do something else that is more useful. Although they may not realize it now, advisory helps students in many different ways and teaches valuable lessons.

Mandatory advisory provides an environment for students to talk about relevant issues and reflect on themselves. During the advisory period, there is always a power point prepared. It covers varieties of topics related to mental health, stress, anxiety, self-care, coping mechanisms as well as bullying and substance uses. According to Psychology Today, discussion can help shed light on ways to overcome a problem.

Furthermore, it gives students time to relax during a busy day and even catch up on some homework. Students are free to do what they like when there are no activities planned out. It is an opportunity for them to sit down and take a break. This comfortable and friendly atmosphere also encourages them to make friends, especially since they’re going to stay with the same people throughout the years.

Mandatory advisory provides students both a chance to discuss important matters and to “chill out” during a busy day. Students should take an advantage of this opportunity and try to make the best out of it. “I have gotten a lot out of lessons during advisory. It’s important for us to learn beyond the core academic subjects,” said Jenna Williams, a junior at Memorial High School.